Get the relaxing experience you deserve by taking advantage of our personalized massage therapy sessions available at Courts Plus by appointment. Can’t find a babysitter? Not a problem. Our childcare services will keep your children entertained throughout the 60 –make it 90- minute session.

Massage Therapy is available at Courts Plus by appointment. Each massage is designed to specifically suit your needs using a combination of Massage techniques including:

  • Swedish Massage – light to medium pressure to promote relaxation and a sense of well being
  • Deep Tissue Massage – medium to deep pressure for a more concentrated massage
  • Trigger Point Therapy – therapy to break down adhesions by stimulating, stripping, and stretching the muscle to relieve “knots”
  • Sports Massage – therapy designed for active people to help with performance and prevent injury

Book your appointment by calling Allisen at 701-412-1819 or

Swedish Relaxation Massage
60 minutes- $55
90 minutes- $85

Focused Therapeutic Massage
60 minutes- $65
90 minutes- $95

Allisen Wensman

Allisen Wensman provides professional massage and bodywork services, from relaxation to deep tissue to reiki. Every session is customized to fit your needs.

Allisen - Courts Plus Massage Therapist

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Massage Reduces Anxiety and Stress

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