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Frequently Asked Questions

Sales/Front Desk

  1. When can I cancel my membership?
    We ask for a 30 day notice but you must fill out a cancellation form before the 15thof the month.
    Your account must have a zero balance.
  2. How long can I go on hold?
    You can go on hold 1-3 months at a time. Members must be signed up with a 12 month agreement. Short term members cannot go on hold.
  3. What’s considered a “Family Membership”?
    2 adults and children under 18 or in college up to 24 yrs and still living at home
  4. How can I get reimbursed from my insurance?
    You must go online to get enrolled NIHCA rewards.
    Sanford insured members need to fill out a Health Assessment and Authorization form online at Sanford Health Plan. Some BCBSND insured members are required to fill out a Health Assessment and Authorization form online. Call the number on your card for details and then visit Healthy Blue ND. This must be done every year.
  5. Do I have to sign up for 12 months?
    There is a short term option which is 10% more and has a $50 startup fee
    You must do automatic withdrawal or they will be charged the $50 each time they renew
    You can also pay for a certain number of months in full plus the $50.00 startup fee.
  6. Can my kids use the playground?
    The kids will be free if they are on the membership, if not it is $4 per child
  7. Do we all get free pool passes?
    Whoever is on the membership will get free pool passes to all 5 Park District Pools
    If you add your families on for the summer you must pay for the upgrade in full
  8. Can I bring a guest?
    Each membership gets 3 or 6 free guest passes on their account each year
  9. Can I rent a locker?
    Members can rent the small lockers in the front lockers rooms for $5 per month. The tall lockers and all lockers in the back locker rooms are for daily use only
  10. Can I charge to my account?
    Members can charge to their account. Your total charges will be deducted on the 5thof the month with your membership dues
  11. Do you have any type of Referral program?
    Yes, any time you refer a friend who ends up joining you get to choose from a couple of prizes which change throughout the year. Please stop by or call in to see what those prizes are.

Child Watch

  1. What is the age range that child watch takes?
    6 weeks-8 years
  2. How do non-members/trial guests pay for child watch and what are those costs?
    They pay at the front desk, cost is $5 per hour per child
  3. What is the teacher to child ratio in the child watch?
    1 teacher per 4 kids- Infant; 1 teacher per 7 kids-toddler; 1 teacher per 10 kids-preschool; 1 teacher per 15 kids-school age
  4. What are the child watch hours?
    Monday-Friday: 8am-1pm & 3pm-8pm
    Saturday: 9am-1pm
    Sunday: 12pm-3pm
  5. Why did you choose those hours?
    These hours are based on usage and usage studies that we’ve done over the last few years.


  1. How much is a lesson with one of our pros?
    These prices vary depending on the pro. Please check the Pro’s Bios on the tennis page of the Courts Plus website.
  2. Where can I find more information on tennis programs?
    All programs are listed on our website. Please go to our tennis page to view and register for all programs
  1. If I have questions about what level to put my child into who should I contact?Contact Nate Young, Supervisor of Junior Development.


  1. Do you offer Pickleball lessons?
    Yes we do! Nate Young is available for group and private lessons, please contact Nate for scheduling and details.
  2. How do I book a Pickleball court?
    The best way to book a court is to access your account or use the app.
  3. Do you offer Pickleball leagues or adult group lessons?
    Yes. please check those out on our website or contact Nate for more details.

Youth Programs

  1. I am a member but my child is not. Can they still do a youth program?
    Absolutely! All youth program registrations are completed by using the Courts Plus App. Email Crystal Howes if you have any questions..
  2. What ages do you offer youth programs for?
    15 months – 12 years old. See our Youth Program page for more details and specifics.
  3. We are not members, can we still join your Youth Programs?
    Yes! Our Youth Programs are open to members and non-members.

Birthday Parties

  1. What ages do you offer birthday parties for?
    Anywhere from birth to adult. See our Birthday page for more details and specifics.
  2. Can I do a Baby Shower or Baptism instead of a Birthday Party?
    Absolutely! Birthday Party rooms can be a rental for any celebration or group looking for a place to gather, meet and/or play!
  3. Can we bring in our own food?
    Yes. You are welcome to bring any food or drink that you would like.