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Benefits of having a Dual Membership

By January 26, 2018Membership

Having a great gym membership doesn’t need to be complicated or costly. We would rather keep prices cheaper and more convenient for our members than make it easier on us. Our Individual Membership rate is very competitive with other clubs in town but instead of doubling your cost by jumping up to a Family Membership just to add on a family member or roommate, we  have a Dual Membership option which helps out in a couple of ways.

You can split the cost which makes it less than an Individual plus you get to have a workout buddy. Workouts are much more productive and more fun than coming in alone. Most people stop coming to the gym because they don’t know anyone or they don’t know what to do and are too afraid to ask. By having a friend to workout with, you can bounce ideas around and stay more motivated. So, if you have a roommate or a family member that lives in the same household, take advantage of our Dual Membership.

If you are a couple and have children under the age of 9, you can upgrade to the Dual Plus which includes unlimited childcare for just over $16 more per month. This is an unbelievable savings when you compare prices to other facilities. Otherwise you can still use the childcare for $3 an hour per child. Once you have 2 adults and children over the age of 9, you will then upgrade to the Family Membership. And don’t forget that everyone on your membership receives free pool passes to all Fargo Park District pools.

Be sure to check out our membership plans and rates on our Membership page by clicking here or calling 701-237-4805 and ask for a membership representative.