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Only Got 15 Minutes?

By August 1, 2018Group X

You’re busy, I get that! But, if we can spare 15 minutes of our day to scroll aimlessly through Instagram why couldn’t we utilize those 15 minutes for fitness instead? Use that spare time you have to do something that’ll better your overall health and mental focus!

Now, I’m not asking you to go run for a straight 15 minutes or go do non-stop burpees, but spice it up with a quick routine. And, to help you even further I’ve attached an easy to follow, awesome YouTube video that will run you through two rounds of nine exercises. You’ll have 35 seconds on, 10 off. Sounds painless right? Exactly!

This video shows you various exercises that you can do with no equipment necessary. All you need is a mat (which you can easily grab down by our Cycling Room along the track). So, if you struggle to figure out which level to have your seat at on a weight machine or how much weight to actually lift; your struggles can vanish away!

Now, click the image below to watch this 15 minute workout video:


Hopefully this will get you in the mindset to kick start yourself into fitting a workout in on those busy days that you thought you could never get a decent one! Not only can quick videos like these help you out, but we also offer express style Group X classes that’ll give you that quicker workout that you’ve been looking for. To view our upcoming class schedule visit our Group X page.