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Nutrition Timing: Does it Matter?

By: Rhys Geske, Personal Trainer

Never skip breakfast.  Eat three main meals.  Don’t eat past 7pm.  Consume 5-6 small meals throughout your day.

From fitness magazines, television commercials, social media, intermittent fasting techniques, friends, co-workers or family members, it seems that everyone has the “key” of when to eat. The majority of the discussion or goal revolves around the desire to lose weight.

It’s very simple and I’ll cut straight to the point. Your body has 24 hours to get what it needs to function for a day. If you end up eating more energy or calories than what you need, you gain weight because of the surplus. The same goes for the reverse. Create a calorie deficit and you’ll likely lose weight.

When you decide to supply your body with food it is entirely dependent on you. Each of us are unique and have special dietary conditions or favorites and dislikes. Some people enjoy eating breakfast and others like eating at night. Some people only get the chance to eat after work or before. Whatever the case may be, find out what works well for you and your lifestyle.

Think of food as fuel for your performance. Eat a variety of different fruits, proteins and vegetables to make sure you’re getting your recommended daily nutrients to support your body.

The take home message is try not to overthink things. “Timing” of meals should be second behind “what” the meal is. Eat well. Perform well. Live your own life well!

If you have questions about nutrition or need some guidance to match your fitness routines to your healthy nutritious lifestyle, reach out to me to set-up a free consultation. I would love to assist you to meet your goals. Visit our website for more information.

Rhys | Courts Plus

Education: National Personal Training Institute, North Dakota State University with a B.S. in Speech    Communication and Minor in Mass Communication
Certifications/Memberships: NSCA Certified Personal Trainer, NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, IKFF Kettlebell Instructor