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Courts Plus offers a variety of Fitness Programs for every individual whether they are a beginner or an experienced exerciser.

Let us help you achieve or maintain a healthy lifestyle by making exercise a fun activity that you incorporate into your daily life.

Let us help reach your fitness goals!

Circuit Training



circuit-trainingCircuit Training is a combination of resistance & cardiovascular exercises. The classes are designed to provide a quick, quality workout in a FUN environment! You’ll see improvements in your flexibility, muscular strength and aerobic endurance. Classes meet by the track.


Weekly Schedule

Water Aerobics/Aqua Zumba



water_aerobicsBeat the Heat with Courts Plus Water Aerobics. Get active, meet new people, and have fun! Join us at Fargo South and Island Park for Water Aerobics and Aqua Zumba.

Summer Session: TBD
Winter Session: TBD

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Orientation_IICourts Plus offers free orientations to all members. A personal trainer will show you around the fitness area and introduce you to all the machines that Courts Plus has to offer.

Contact Wayne Herrick to schedule an appointment.

Call: 701.237.4805  Email

Seniors Fitness Class



Senior_FitnessThis fun and motivating class is tailored for individuals over the age of 50. Each class starts with a warm-up followed by aerobics, strength training, walking, or a circuit class. A cool-down with stretching and abdominal work complete the workout. Coffee is served after the class for the participants. Every ability level is welcome and all participants work at their own pace.

Tuesdays & Thursdays: 8:00am

Boot Camp



boot_camp2Courts Plus offers a variety of Boot Camps for all ages and fitness levels. Boot Camps are designed by our professional personal trainers to challenge participants and take them to the next level. Camps are offered throughout the day and evening hours.  Watch for new camps coming soon.

NEW YEAR KICK START: Rhys Geske & David Ernst

Customized workouts in a group setting. A great way to learn new workout techniques, nutrition information and completely change your fitness level.

Who: Male & Female – All Ages

When: February 5 – March 6

  • Wednesdays & Fridays
  • 12:00pm-12:50pm

Cost:  $250

  • Includes: 10 sessions! ONLY $25/ session!

Contact Jamie Smith to register.

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Get back into shape by joining Jamie’s 8 week Fitness & Weight Loss Challenge.  The challenge includes a complete injury screening and prevention, along with nutrition and meal planning advice. Weekly weigh-ins and body fat testing will keep you motivated throughout the challenge.

Contact Jamie Smith: for more details

Incentive Programs



incentive_programsCourts Plus offers a variety of FREE Fitness & Nutrition related programs throughout the year. Programs include Cardio, Strength Training, Nutrition and fitness class attendance. These programs are designed for all ages and fitness levels.


Become a member of the Bent Bar Club by strength training three times a week, for 8 weeks. Complete 24 workouts to earn a prize. The more you workout the better your chances are of winning the Grand Prize.

Dates: September 9th-November 3rd

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Can you take 10,000 steps in a day? Every step counts on your quest to 10K steps.  Use a pedometer to track your steps and earn prizes just by walking or running. Every day that you reach 10K steps your name will be entered into the weekly drawing. Remember every step counts in the 10K-A-DAY program.

Dates: September 30th-November 24th

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Stay motivated through the holiday season by joining this free club. Earn prizes by tracking your push-ups and crunches. Register today and become the first to reach 10,000 push-ups and 10,000 crunches.

Dates: November 18th – January 12th

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Deck_the_HallsNeed a little motivation during the Holiday season? Join this FREE Incentive Program between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Visit Courts Plus 12 times and earn a Prize!

Dates: November 29th – December 24th

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Join the FREE Nutrition BINGO incentive program. Eat a variety of healthy foods and win prizes while doing it.  Join this FREE incentive program and eat your way to a Prize.

Dates: January 13th – March 8th

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Need a little motivation? Join the FREE Cardio de France Incentive program. Bike, Run, Walk, Row or EFX your way through 21 Stages of the Tour de France. Join today and become the first to complete the Tour.

Dates: January 27th-March 22nd

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Lift your way to the top of Mt. Everest. Every workout puts you one step closer to the summit. Join this FREE incentive program for a chance to win a Scheels Gift Card. The Climb begins March 6th.

Dates: April 1st-May 26th

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Walk, Run or EFX your way from New York to Los Angeles for a chance to win. Both inside, outside and the Fargo Marathon count toward your goal. The more miles/steps you complete the better your chances at the Grand Prize.

Dates: April 22nd-June 16th

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BINGO! Play Fitness BINGO at Courts Plus by attending fitness classes. Group Fitness, Cycling and Circuit Training are all part of this FREE incentive program. The more times you BINGO the better your chances of WINNING! The game begins this spring.

Dates: June 17th – August 11th

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Commit to get fit this summer by Cross Training with a variety of Fitness activities!  Choose a level and three different Fitness activities. Track your minutes, hit your goal, win a prize and a chance to WIN FM RedHawks tickets!

Dates: June 25-August 19

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The Fitness Pyramid is a FREE incentive program for members of all fitness levels. Complete the pyramid in 8 weeks to receive a Prize and chance to WIN a MASSAGE. The Pyramid includes all aspects of Fitness, including Group Fitness, Cycling, Circuit Training, Strength Training and Cardio.

Dates: Summer 2016

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Fitness Programs



Summer Program- Passport to Cash

Summer_ProgramStay motivated this summer by playing Passport to Cash at Courts Plus. Every check-in will put you one step closer to the Grand Prize!!! The more you visit Courts Plus the better your chances of winning Weekly Prizes and the Grand Prize($250 Cash).

Dates: July 15th – August 25th

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Gobbler Gauntlet Fitness Challenge

2011-Turkey1The Gobbler Gauntlet Fitness Challenge will present participants with weekly challenges to keep workouts new and exciting. Complete the weekly challenges for a chance to win a Hornbachers Gift Card and a chance at the Grand Prize Thanksgiving Dinner.

Dates: October 9th – November 19th

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Operation: Lose It

scale2This program will help you lose those few extra, pesky pounds that are STILL hanging around from the holidays! Earn points by attending classes, keeping a food journal and losing weight. Cash Prizes are awarded to the individuals who have the most points and with the largest percent weight loss.

Dates: February 24th – April 5th

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Contact Wayne Herrick for more information.

Call: 701.237.4805  Email

I decided to include 1 session per week of Personal Training into my overall personal wellness plan. We have focussed on developing strength and as a result I have toned up, plus the physical improvements have enhanced my tennis game. Kelly has a positive, yet challenging attitude and he pushes me to do more.
My husband now says that I have a body of a teenager!

Jodi Uecker-Rust

I chose Personal Training because I was not working out very hard or frequently enough, and I know that this is not my expertise. Since starting I feel stronger, healthier and have more energy for the rest of the day. I stay motivated as I have seen results and I know that I would have a hard time coming in on my own. Ryan knows his stuff. He changes things up and continues to kick my butt.

Justin Berg

I chose Personal Training because I needed to regain fitness and strength following injury and surgery. Mark has the expertise to help train around my injury and strengthen the affected area.
Having Mark as my Trainer has been a great motivator.

Paul Oppegard

I chose to start Personal Training because I needed to do something to strengthen my arms and upper torso. Also, I needed to lose weight and strength training accelerates weight loss by increasing muscle mass and metabolic rate. The benefits of having Mark are that I have lost weight and inches, and also I have more energy and I sleep more soundly. The results of Personal Training are what keep me motivated and I encourage everyone to sign up for Personal Training - you'll be amazed at the results.

Mary Johnson

Courts Plus Community Fitness is really a great place to get my workouts accomplished. It has everything I need with a huge selection of cardio and weights plus great people from the community.

Matt Cullen - Professional Hockey Player