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Pickleball at Courts Plus

By May 17, 2022May 18th, 2022Wellness

With the weather finally taking a turn for the better it means that we can all get outside. While I have been playing pickleball over the winter at Courts Plus, now the scene changes to Brunsdale Park. With the boom in pickleball not only are we adding pickleball lines on tennis courts, to make them dual use, which will give us a total of six to play on year round. Likewise we are also adding courts over at Brunsdale! The benefits to getting out and playing are numerous, from the exercise you’ll get, to the natural sunlight (after a brutal winter), and most of all the people. The number of laughs and good times I have had while being on the court are too high to count at this point, and that all comes down to enjoying an easy to learn hard to master game like pickleball with great people. So go out and enjoy the weather, while it lasts, and make some great memories with great people, after this last winter we all deserve it.

written by Zachary Zitur