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The Importance of Posture & Ergonomics

By April 18, 2022Wellness

With everything that people deal with daily, it can be hard to remember to maintain simple healthy habits such as posture. However, maintaining proper posture can help improve performance and reduce pain. Bad posture can lead to fatigue, headaches, joint pain, poor circulation, and more. If you experience any of these symptoms, it might be because of your posture. There are a few basics about proper posture that is important to keep in mind.

When attempting to keep proper posture, it is important to keep a neutral stance throughout your body. The left side should be parallel to the right side of your body. That means keeping your hips and your shoulders even with each other. Keeping a neutral spine and strong abs can force you to have good posture. If you are sitting down, try to have a desk set up that does not force you to hunch over or overextend yourself. Maintaining a position with bad posture over an extended period can lead to any of those previously stated symptoms. Many people still struggle to maintain good posture despite knowing how important it is. This is where many posture keeping strategies can be implemented.

If you are one of the many people who struggle to maintain good posture, then you might want to attempt to find a posture keeping strategy that works well for you. Many people find success with new office equipment that is intended to be more ergonometric friendly. This can be a new office chair, desk, monitor stand, back support, footrests, and more. Getting up and walking every once in a while can serve as a postural reset and allow you to push yourself to sit more naturally.  Another strategy some find success with are phone apps. These apps can serve as a periodic reminder to fix your posture so that you do not have to constantly focus on posture while you are hard at work at your desk. These are only a few common strategies that people find success with. Experiment with some of these strategies to find the one that works best for you. If you manage to maintain proper posture, your neck pain may very well resolve itself.