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Recharge Physical Therapy Open House

Join Dr. Tara at Recharge Physical Therapy and Wellness’ open house Monday, July 8th from 4:30-7:30. There will be FREE refreshments and snacks, as well as door prizes to win. Schedule an evaluation and receive a FREE T-shirt!

How Can Physical Therapy Benefit Me?

Since each individual has truly unique needs, the definition of hands on physical therapy can change from person to person but generally includes subtle soft tissue mobilization as well as joint mobilization. It is through hands on physical therapy of an injured area that allows for increased movement which can increase circulation and function, as well as a reduction in inflammation and pain.

For example, let’s say you have been suffering from low back pain that just isn’t getting better. With hands-on PT, the physical therapist can evaluate the entire body to determine the muscles and/or joints that could be a contributing factor to the back pain. Factors such as weak hips and core, decreased range of motion, or poor body mechanics can be the cause of the pain.

What is Physical Therapy?

When you’re in pain, physical therapy can help you get the relief you need to heal and get back to your active lifestyle. But, with so many types of treatment options, it can be confusing to understand their differences and determine the reasons why you would use one technique vs the other. In this article I’ll describe how I use a hands on physical therapy approach at Recharge Physical Therapy, as well as the benefits it can provide.

Dr. Tara Jaeger, PT, DPT, ATC uses hands on approach for physical therapy, also referred to as “manual therapy,” together with other interventions to evaluate and treat patients with limitations moving a part of the body or the body as a whole. Biomechanical limitations, musculoskeletal injuries, or disease are possible causes of these movement limitations. This specialized treatment technique requires skilled practitioners to use their hands and knowledge of how the body moves to help patients move again, hence the name: hands on physical therapy.

For example, imagine you have a tight, painful shoulder. With hands on mobilization you receive the benefits of increased blood flow and mobility to allow for greater range of motion and ability to use the shoulder better after the manual therapy treatment.  Necessary exercises can then be done to increase the functional ability of the joint.

Soft Tissue Physical Therapy

Soft tissue refers to the muscles, fascia, and other connective tissues in the body.  Restrictions in movement of these body structures could be the cause of pain and/or activity limitations.

Hands on physical therapy involves the physical therapist applying direction-specific pressure on the restricted tissue to regain normal movement of the structures involved.

A hands-on physical therapy approach for soft tissue mobilization benefits patients by reducing pain, and increasing mobility, flexibility and range of motion, as well as increasing circulation and reducing soft tissue tension.

For example, you have been having knee pain on the outside of your knee while running and this has affected the amount of running you’ve been able to do. With hands-on physical therapy, the physical therapist will assess your body as a whole and treat the contributing structures and cause of the pain. These treatments may include instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, active stretching, trigger point release, joint mobilizations, and others for decreasing the strain on your knee.

Joint Mobilization

Joint mobilization is also a form of hands on therapy to help patients regain normal movement. The intervention improves joint extensibility, range of motion, increased joint nutrition, increases joint lubrication and decreased articular joint pain. Through a combination of hands on therapy and therapeutic exercises, a therapist can also help the patient strengthen and stabilize the joint.

Recharge PT:

At Recharge Physical Therapy, Dr. Tara Jaeger custom tailors each treatment and technique specific to each patient. Whether you require hands on physical therapy to heal from a sports injury or postoperative recovery, Tara’s compassion, caring and expertise is here to help you get back to living an active lifestyle.

If you are unsure about physical therapy or have questions regarding your condition, contact Dr. Tara today!

*It’s important to note that each patient has different needs; not everyone will benefit from this form of treatment. Tara with work with you to decide whether hands on physical therapy is right for your condition.