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Zach’s Pickleball Publication

By September 25, 2019Special Event

By Zach Zitur, Tennis and Picklball Pro

In a similar way to New Years, the fall is a recalibration for most people. As school gets underway and everyone gets back into their routines people typically look for something to add to their calendar. My suggestion is consider pickleball. Every year pickleball gets bigger and bigger making it that much easier to find people to play with. Pickleball is flexible in that you can play outside (perhaps at Brunsdale Park) or inside (hopefully at Courts Plus), and because of how quick it can be played even if you have an odd number you can cycle in very easily. Pickleball can be as casual or competitive as you want it. You can just play with friends, or you can get serious and play in tournaments. This year Courts Plus is adding a pickleball tournament on November 9th just for people that are looking for a more competitive atmosphere. So regardless of your ability, age, or competitive attitude my advice is give pickleball a try, you may just find a sport that you love.

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