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4 Reasons to Try a TRX Class for Your Next Workout

By March 22, 2024Group X

What is a TRX Class?
A TRX class uses TRX suspension trainers throughout the duration of the class. The suspension trainers are two adjustable straps that are anchored to a secure point on the wall. On these straps, the handles or foot cradles can be used for a multitude of exercises. When using the TRX trainers, class participants utilize their body weight to build strength, flexibility, and engage their core by adjusting body position and angles.

Check these great reasons to join this class:

  1. Cardio training:
    Our TRX class is set in a circuit style, giving you a chance to get your heartrate up during the 50-minute class. Our rounds are 20-30 seconds and will keep you engaged and ready to take on the challenge!
  2. Flexibility:
    Gain flexibility with exercises like lunges, chest openers, or crunches that will ultimately improve all your movements within this class. Many TRX exercises stem from the core, which must be strong to perform certain movements and have proper form.
  3. Availability:
    This newly offered class is available twice per week: Sundays at 1:15 pm, and Thursdays at 5:30 am. This gives you flexibility to try the class during the week or weekend! We hope you can make one or both work in your schedule.
  4. That new class feeling:
    Less than a month old, this class is brand new to Courts Plus. Meaning that most people in the class are also learning the ropes on how the TRX suspension trainers work. Our group fitness instructors take time to recognize new people attending the class, and make sure they feel welcome and comfortable using the equipment before beginning the class.

    It can make people nervous to start a new class. Especially using equipment that’s brand new. The TRX suspension trainers are easy to learn and can benefit your fitness routine in a ton of ways. We encourage people of all ages and fitness levels to join this class!