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Intro to Personal Training: Why Should You Take It?

When joining a new gym, there will always be equipment that you’ve never seen or used before. We want to make sure new members feel comfortable in our fitness areas, no matter how much experience they have with weights, classes, or just being a gym member in general. That’s where our Intro to Personal Training Course comes in!

A free class, the Intro to Personal Training Course prepares members to enter the weight room with confidence. While this is NOT a personal training session, a personal trainer does lead this course. Members will be taken around both floors of our fitness center and shown how to properly use machines. This course is also only one session.

In order for 12–14-year-olds to use the fitness center or courts, they must complete a youth orientation. This course will count towards that orientation, allowing your child to gain independence within our facility.

We encourage attendees of this course to ask questions regarding personal training, group exercise, and gym etiquette. As stated earlier, every gym is different, and we want our members to feel included and welcome in all areas of our gym!

How can someone sign up for this course? Stop by our front desk, or schedule online on your account or app! We offer this course twice a week: Tuesdays at 6:00 PM and Fridays at 5:00 PM.