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Come and Check Out Our New MASSAGE CHAIRS!

By November 5, 2019Fitness Fun, Wellness

The Innovative Massage Chair provides a Relaxing Massage with numerous added Health Benefits. The massage chair provides a combination of Kneading, Shiatsu and Synchronization massage techniques that cover a full range of motion from neck to waist. The back massage covers all major points throughout the back and provides consistent pressure by adjusting to the curvature of each individuals back. The leg massage portion of the chair has airbags that contract to promote better blood circulation and relieve the fatigue in the legs and feet.

Our two chairs are located in our lobby. The chairs take either cash or credit card. Sit down, Relax, and Enjoy!


3 minutes = $1.00

15 minutes = $5.00

30 minutes = $10.00

1 hour = $20.00