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There’s all sorts of different types of training programs and ways to mix up your fitness journey.   Some people prefer that individualized attention of one-on-one.  Then there are some people who prefer couple’s or partner training.  I would like to branch out and touch on small group training.  Maybe you’ve never thought of it but having a small group of people to train with can help with many things.

Accountability is a big reason and helpful training tactic that keeps people coming back into the gym.  It helps with that consistency aspect that’s important.  If you have a group of friends you regularly meet on a weekly basis it should help you get those sneakers on and out the door to train.

Variety is the spice of life, right?  Small group training generally has a circuit style of training.  Different stations that target different muscle groups and you go around for either a certain length of time, or until a number of reps are completed.  This can help those who think “time stands still” once they enter the gym!  Also, you don’t have to think about what you have to do.

I’d say most people don’t like being singled out or isolated.  With more than a couple of people being trained at once you are less likely to feel like you’re being individualized.  Small group training you can almost blend in with your peers.  However, doing an incorrect form on a particular exercise the trainer should be in-tuned and come to your aid.

Small group training can definitely break you out of your current gym monotony routine.  If you’ve never done it before I’d say give it a shot.  Gather up some of your co-workers, friend or even family members.  Ask the trainers if they’d like to train a bunch of people in a group setting.  Otherwise, stay tuned because Courts Plus generally will offer various small group training throughout the year.

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