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Corrective Exercise Screening (Functional Movement Screening)

Corrective Exercise Screening (Functional Movement Screen)

Corrective Exercise Screenings are becoming more important within the fitness industry.  More fitness clubs and athletic training departments are certifying and making sure that screenings are done regularly with clients and athletes.  Corrective Exercise Screening can either be done by a Corrective Exercise Specialist or the use of a new program call Kinestisense.  Corrective Exercise Specialist cannot diagnose an injury, but can give advice to improve performance and prevent an injury from happening.

The process of the screening is extremely simple.  The client starts by doing five small squats looking forward, from the side, and from the back.  This gives the trainer insight to the movements that are limited.  A few examples of limited movements would be unstable knees, hip imbalance, shoulder compensations, tight overused muscles, and loose overstretched muscle or ligaments.  The trainer can then make a program with the correct exercises, balance, and flexibility to improve the issues scene visually through the screening and in addition to watching the client walk.

The benefits of a screen are endless! Not only will the short analysis improve the way your body moves, but will also improve performance among athletes.  Screenings improve back pain, knee pain, foot pain, ankle issues, shoulder issues, sleep issues, balance, vertigo, etc etc.  If you are new to personal training, group exercise, or just the gym in general, make sure you are getting a screening before you start your program.  It is very simple and extremely effective.

During the month of August, Courts Plus will be offering Corrective Exercise Screenings on Tuesdays from 11:15-12pm.  Class is free to members and the first class is free to nonmembers.  If you would like to have a Functional Movement Screen prior to this class starting, you can contact Jamie Smith at to set up a time.