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Courts Plus in the Park

Need something to do this summer on Thursday evenings? Like last summer, we will have outdoor classes at Milwaukee Trail Park. We will offer an Adult and Youth/Family classes for a fun evening for the whole family. There are playgrounds close by so the kids can play while the adults have their class first! Below is a quick overview of what to expect!

Which park?—Milwaukee Trail Park #1 (North) found at 3601 17th St. S.

What’s going on?—We will be having FREE adult and youth/family classes

When?—Thursdays: June 7 & 21, July 19, August 2 & 16

What time?—Adult class will start at 5:30pm & Youth/Family will start at 6:30pm

Who can attend these classes?—These classes will be FREE for all members and non-members. If you know someone who is debating on joining a gym, bring them with and tell them all the options we have offer at Courts Plus! The adult classes will be for ages 13 and older. Youth/Family classes will be for ages 3-12.

Why should I attend?—There are only a few short months of nice weather so why not enjoy that AND workout at the same time?!

Can I count it as part of my number of times I need to attend the gym?—Yes, of course! Just email Wayne ( or Katie ( and they will make sure you get credit for attending a class!

Can I count this as part of the Fitness Program (Fitness Bingo) that is going on?—Yes, of course! Fitness Bingo is another fun program we have at Courts Plus when you can win prizes for attending classes. This program begins May 21st.

You can find all details of what the classes will be here.