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Healthy Holiday Eating

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The holiday season can be a stressful time, especially when it comes to food. The holidays are an important time of year to spend with family and friends, but you can always count on large amounts of food. This can make it difficult, if you are trying to lose weight or even just maintain your current weight.

On average Americans gain one to two pounds during the holiday season. This may seem insignificant, but holiday weight can stick around and cas add up over time. Below are a few tips to help prevent the dreaded holiday weight gain while still enjoying the holidays.Â

  1. Don’t skip meals and make sure to eat breakfast. Eating breakfast within an hour of waking will help your metabolism. Eating throughout the the day and trying not to skip meals will help prevent overeating later.
  2. Fit some physical activity into your day. Not only will physical activity burn extra calories, it could be made into family time. Take the whole family on a walk to get out of the house and or go sledding.
  3. Focus on family and friends instead of the food. Its easy to forget there is more to the holidays than the food. Enjoy spending time with your family.
  4. Use a smaller plate and focus on portions sizes. Using a smaller plate can help prevent over-eating. Larger plates can make a serving of food appear smaller and fool our brains into thinking we need more food. Using a smaller plate will also help keep portion sizes under control
  5. Watch out for drinks. Without even knowing it, calories from liquids can add up in a hurry especially holiday favorites like eggnog. If you’re looking forward to a certain drink, consume one serving of it and mix in water throughout the day.
  6. Bring a healthy dish. Rather than being stressed over not knowing what kind of food might be at a holiday party, bring a healthy side dish so you have healthy alternatives available.
  7. Eat what you want (in moderation) and don’t feel guilty for what you ate. Make sure to enjoy the food and the atmosphere. Try to leave the holiday eating to that day.
  8. If you’re hosting the holiday gathering, give away leftovers. This way you won’t be tempted the following day (or week) and you can resume your normal, healthy eating routine.

But most importantly enjoy the holiday season and don’t forget the Courts Plus member Holiday Party on Tuesday, December 11th. The party will be from 5:45pm-7:00pm and includes a sit down meal served by the Courts Plus staff. There will be also be a kids pizza party, along with inflatables and holiday themed art projects and activities. Remember your entire family is invited to this member only party

Get your JINGLE on!

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Happy Holidays everyone!

Do you love running and all things Christmas while raising awareness to cure America’s #1 cause of disability?! If so, the Jingle Bell Run/Walk is the perfect way to spend your Saturday!! On Saturday, December 1st, we will be raising money for the Arthritis Foundation through this festive, fun-filled 5K run/ walk taking place at Courts Plus Community Fitness. It is not too late to register! Courts Plus members, family and friends will receive $5 off registration by using “Courts” when registering online. This run will begin at 8:00 am. Please join us by wearing holiday themed costumes and tying jingle bells to your tennis shoes. 100% of your registration fee and fundraising efforts go to this great cause!

Interested in this event, but not wanting to participate in the run/walk? Be a volunteer!! We are always looking for more help to join in on all of the holiday festivities. Please email Britt Ingersoll at


We hope to see you there!


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Courts Plus Community Halloween Carnival

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Add Courts Plus Community Fitness to your list of places to stop on Halloween!
The Community Halloween Carnival is from 3:30-5:30 pm on Wednesday, October 31 at Courts Plus. Everyone is welcome, and the carnival is completely free.
Princesses, ghosts, super heroes and dinosaurs can have fun playing carnival games, inflatable games from Games Galore, participating in art projects and having their face painted. The 7-level indoor playground is also free for those attending the carnival. The carnival is a great trick-or-treating start for the kiddos thanks to all the free candy!
As an extra special treat, we are also giving away a one-month family membership and a birthday party package. Those attending the carnival can enter in the drawings at any time between 3:30 and 5:30 pm. We will pick the winner and give them a call within two days of the carnival.
Have questions? Feel free to give us a call at 701-237-4805, our front desk staff is awesome and will be able to help you out.

Roll It Out, Girl!

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Roll It Out, Girl!!

What is this foam roller thing?  It is amazing, that’s what it is!  Foam rolling, sometimes called self- myofascial release, is an extremely effective way of preventing injury, promoting muscle recovery, and relieving muscle soreness and tightness.  Whether a person is sitting in a desk all day or running their 4th marathon; anyone can benefit from this device daily!  Below is a list of all the amazing reasons why everyone needs a foam roller in their life.

  • Increased blood flow to that muscle! Foam rolling exercises stretches and loosens the muscles.
  • Improved movements. When a muscle is better hydrated, looser muscles move past one another with less knee friction.
  • Better range of motion for muscles. Especially beneficial for people recovering from knee, back, or hip surgeries.
  • Decreased injury risk. When there is a tight muscle lacking full range of motion, a person is more at risk for injury.  By foam rolling, oxygen and blood are forced into that muscle, ultimately reducing the risk for a tear, break, or strain of a muscle or bone.
  • Decreased recovery time! By foam rolling before and/or after a workout, oxygen is more readily available to the muscle.  This reduces recovery time and soreness that happens after a tough workout.

Courts Plus will be offering 15 minute foam roll classes throughout the week!  There is no wrong way of rolling!  A great way to relax and prevent those injuries!   All of the foam rolling classes will follow a class already on the schedule.  Check out the schedule online and make sure to try this class out!!

The Benefits of Using the Child Care to Help YOU “Unplug.”

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Have you ever just wanted a quick break away from your kids to relax, reboot and re-energize yourself, ALONE?! If so, the Courts Plus Child Care is the perfect solution!

I cannot tell you how many “thank you’s” I have received from parents for having this amenity here at Courts Plus! It is not that we all do not love our kids, but sometimes we just need that little break and honestly, so do they. At Courts Plus we offer a maximum of a 2 hour visit per day where you can go work out inside or outside of Courts Plus, go to a Group exercise class, play tennis, pickleball, racquetball, go into the gym, read the newspaper, or just simply sit on the sofa by the fireplace and do absolutely nothing! Our members have done it all! Heck, we even have parents who work from home that use the two hours to actually work and that is just fine too! Not only do the parents love this break, but the kids are constantly busy, creating friendships, socializing and learning on a daily basis. It’s a win-win! If this has not persuaded you enough, here are a few more benefits of “unplugging,”

  1. It gets you out the door- This may seem small, but if you are a parent, you understand and I know I hear it often! It is hard to get the kids out of the door in a timely fashion. If you can get them fed, dressed and ready for the day, all while getting out, it is a huge game changer for many parents!
  2. Socialize with other moms/dads- We have many parents here at Courts Plus who have created lifelong friendships with other parents because of the child care. It is a great way to meet other families with kids who are close in age with theirs.
  3. Motivation- Simply said, many of us need a motivator and we have plenty of personal trainers, members and employees who will gladly help out!
  4. The kids get to socialize with other children their own age- The child care holds a maximum of 20 kids at a time. That gives the children many opportunities to socialize with one another.
  5. Creativity- In this type of child care, we simply cannot plan out the childrens day with members constantly coming and going, however, we have endless of activities for the children to do whether that be art crafts, reading, playing dress up, building puzzles, blocks, tracks, running around the track, playing in the gym, utilizing the playgrounds, coloring, you name it!
  6. Increase Energy & reduces stress- exercise promotes increased energy and while you are doing that, your kids are in a different room having their own kind of fun which helps reduce a parents overall stress for those two hours.
  7. Taking a shower in peace- This may sound silly, but I do have parents who will bring their child in solely to take a shower and get ready in peace. You do not realize how special and valuable this is until you have children. It is a huge perk.
  8. Indoor & outdoor play area available!- This amenity is mainly just an example for Courts Plus, but it is a huge benefit for the kids and you! We have an indoor 7 level playground as well as a new outdoor fenced in play area available for the child care kiddos to use for free while in the child care.
  9. 2 for 1- your membership pays for both your gym time as well as a “sitter” for the kids. If you add that up, that is a huge savings!

I hope this article has proven to you how important that alone time is and you feel confident in giving the Courts Plus Child Care a try!

** On a side note: We are seeking a fun, loving, and caring candidate who wants to make a difference in a child’s life. We are looking for someone who is available in the MORNINGS from about 8am-2pm or 9am-3pm who has the ability and flexibility to work with children between the ages of 6 weeks and 8 years of age. Daily attendance, being punctual and responsible is a requirement. First Aid and CPR certified is preferred but not required to get the job. If you are interested in applying, please do so at our website!

Thank you!

Furry Friends Pet Walk

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Are you and your dog bored and just staring at each other on the couch wondering what to do? Get up! And BOTH of you go for a walk! There are a handful of benefits to both you and your dog if you decide to do this activity. There are studies that show a 30 minute walk, three times a week can help if you/your dog are overweight, give you more energy, lower blood pressure, lower both weights by a total of 20% between the two of you and just increase your overall well-being! Aren’t these enough reasons?

PLUS! You would also be training for the 1½ mile walk during our Furry Friends Pet Walk. This is right around the corner–Tuesday, August 14th starting at 6:00pm. This is a great event with a variety of booths/information, door prizes from various pet friendly businesses around the Fargo/Moorhead and surrounding areas, T-shirts and food! Watch for more information coming soon on our website

Benefits of Child Care

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With many new moms coming in the gym lately, I thought a fun topic for this week would be to discuss a few benefits of bringing children to a child care center/ facility such as Courts Plus Community Fitness Center! I know many people automatically think of germs and colds when they think of child care. While that is an obvious fact, there are many other reasons that outweigh that “scary” factor. Here are a few benefits:

  1. Socialization- In my opinion, there is no better place to socialize your children then a child care facility. At Courts Plus, we have 20 children max at a time. This makes it nearly impossible for every child to not be able to find someone to play and socialize with on a daily basis. Socializing helps children learn how to share and get along with others. We have had countless children enroll as a shy, quiet child and now walk into the room with a big smile and “Good Morning” to the teachers and the kids.
  2. Structure and routine- Children thrive on structure and routine. Whether you decide to take your child to a center or just drop them off to play for 2 hours at Courts Plus, you are helping teach your child (ren) consistency. I can definitely tell when a family has been on vacation and away from the gym for a week based on the child’s mode and behavior. It does not take long for them to get back into the normal daily routine, but it does disrupt them enough to the point where they can act out. Children and parents NEED consistency and I believe child care benefits from that!
  3. Academic readiness- Child Care is full of learning opportunities. Kids are introduced to the basics of math through counting numbers and/or colors, physical fitness through continuous activities, art through art projects and communication with others in the room. Just about everything in a center promotes education and learning which helps children of all ages to grow to their fullest potential.
  4. Stability and reliability- Child Care centers/ facilities have set hours and are always staffed accordingly. It is nice to have a reliable place to bring your children where you can have peace of mind that your children are being taken care of and loved while you get your work out in.
  5. Parent support- Courts Plus is a great example of this benefit! We have many moms who have a monthly “mom’s night” where they will get together because of the family they have gained through the child care. We are much more than a gym and you can see the relationships and trust that has formed throughout our parents.
  6. Promotes creativity and imagination- There is no better place to promote creativity and imagination in a room full of children and teachers who have a true passion for loving children and helping them grow to be the best they can be. At Courts Plus, we know how to be silly and “weird” because we know that is what it takes to make the kids day. We love to do things such as sing songs, make up fun games, play tricks on the teachers, dress up with our friends, play dolls, build tracks, play cards, make forts, do art projects, go for walks, tell stories, read books, play on the playground and so much more!


* If you are interested in learning more about our child care here at Courts Plus feel free to visit our website or come on in for a tour!

Courts Plus Pool Passes

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Most people have heard of or have been members of Courts Plus Community Fitness but didn’t realize that we are owned and operated by the Fargo Park District. Because of this we are able to take advantage of some great resources. Not only can we use the great parks for classes and gatherings but we can also offer our members FREE pool passes to all 5 Park District pools. These locations include Davies Recreational Pool, Southwest Recreational Pool, Island Park Pool, Northside Recreation Pool, and Madison Pool and Splash Pad.  In the winter our members can also use the Fargo South and Fargo North High School Indoor Pools during lap swim. For more details on location and hours of operation please click here. In case you were wondering, the slides are included! Your kids are going to thank you for being members of Courts Plus.

The money you will save is crazy! For example a family pass for the summer is worth $156.25. Daily fees to Davies, Northside and Southwest Recreational Pools are $3.25 for kids, $4.50 for adults or $9.50 for a family pass. To check out the full list of fees click here. If you are members and your kids only use the childcare, you can simply add them onto your account for a small fee. It will be well worth it this summer.

Some of our member’s put their membership on hold for the summer because it’s nice out and they can participate in activities outside. By keeping your membership active you now get double the benefits. You are able to get the FREE pool passes plus you can still use the facility for weights, cardio, the playground, etc. There will be many days when the sun is crazy hot and you will need air conditioning. Plus, why work so hard in the gym for 9 months and then just let it all go. At least maintain your hard work a couple times a week, your body will thank you.

If you haven’t already joined Courts Plus, we hope this will strongly encourage you to stop in and check us out. For all of our members, thank you for choosing us and please stop by the front desk to get your pool passes for everyone on your membership.

Courts Plus in the Park

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Need something to do this summer on Thursday evenings? Like last summer, we will have outdoor classes at Milwaukee Trail Park. We will offer an Adult and Youth/Family classes for a fun evening for the whole family. There are playgrounds close by so the kids can play while the adults have their class first! Below is a quick overview of what to expect!

Which park?—Milwaukee Trail Park #1 (North) found at 3601 17th St. S.

What’s going on?—We will be having FREE adult and youth/family classes

When?—Thursdays: June 7 & 21, July 19, August 2 & 16

What time?—Adult class will start at 5:30pm & Youth/Family will start at 6:30pm

Who can attend these classes?—These classes will be FREE for all members and non-members. If you know someone who is debating on joining a gym, bring them with and tell them all the options we have offer at Courts Plus! The adult classes will be for ages 13 and older. Youth/Family classes will be for ages 3-12.

Why should I attend?—There are only a few short months of nice weather so why not enjoy that AND workout at the same time?!

Can I count it as part of my number of times I need to attend the gym?—Yes, of course! Just email Wayne ( or Katie ( and they will make sure you get credit for attending a class!

Can I count this as part of the Fitness Program (Fitness Bingo) that is going on?—Yes, of course! Fitness Bingo is another fun program we have at Courts Plus when you can win prizes for attending classes. This program begins May 21st.

You can find all details of what the classes will be here.

Fargo On the Move

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Fargo On The Move

Fargo Park District, Courts Plus Community Fitness, Family Wellness and the YMCA of Cass and Clay Counties team up to encourage community activity

FARGO, ND- (April 26, 2018) Fargo Park District, Courts Plus, Family Wellness, and the YMCA of Cass and Clay Counties are teaming up to issue a challenge to our community: let’s see you move!  As part of this challenge, the partnering organizations are encouraging community activity through the new Fargo On The Move initiative. Through creative play and social connection, participants can expect to find fun new ways to be active. Whether you’re taking your first step or are already active, Fargo On The Move is about encouraging you and your family to get out this summer and find your move!


To help you find your move, Fargo On The Move is presenting a week of free activities and events throughout the community June 11-15. All events run 5:30-7:30 pm unless otherwise noted. Events include:

  • Monday, June 11 at Woodhaven Park (4406 44th Ave S, Fargo): Join us at Trout Fest (geared for ages 15 and younger) and bring your rod to do some fishing. Also at Woodhaven Park, take part in an Outdoor Circuit class, wear an inflatable bubble suit to tackle the Knockerball Challenge (geared for preteen plus), and bring your little builder to tackle the Imagination Playground.
  • Tuesday, June 12 at Centennial Park (4101 25th St S, Fargo): Come out to Party in the Park to dance to the karaoke, play in the bounce house and enjoy a hot dog. This Party in the Park is even better with the addition of the Knockerball Challenge, Outdoor Circuit class, Imagination Playground and Yard Games.
  • Wednesday, June 13 at Island Park (302 7th St S, Fargo): Join us for Yoga in the Park (geared for ages 15 plus) to experience the energy and benefits of taking your yoga practice outside at this Vinyasa-style class. Check out the activity throughout the park with the Knockerball Challenge, Imagination Playground and Yard Games.
  • Thursday, June 14 at Urban Plains Park (5050 30th Ave S, Fargo): Check out a tasty way to enjoy healthy veggies at the Sizzlin’ Skewers Cooking Demo. Stick around the park for lots of activity with Outdoor Circuit class, Imagination Playground and Yard Games. Bike rentals are also available for a small fee.
  • Friday, June 15 at Island Park (302 7th St S, Fargo): Finish the week with us at Midwest Kid Fest, a family-friendly event offering a whole day packed with awesome booths, activities and inflatable games that encourage you to get out and move. Be sure to join the Fargo On The Move crew on the Entertainment Stage at 2:30 pm for a fun workout that everyone can enjoy.


“We’re incredibly excited to team up with these outstanding organizations and welcome them to our parks,” said Joel Vettel, Executive Director of the Fargo Park District. “We hope that this week of activities and events demonstrates that there are easy and fun ways to be active. If you’re finding yourself struggling to switch up your own routine, we want to showcase that there are different ways to move.”


In addition to the fun events held throughout the week, Courts Plus Community Fitness, Family Wellness, Fercho YMCA and Schlossman YMCA are making it easy for community members to visit their fitness facilities June11-15. Anyone who stops in to one of the four locations during the week of June11-15 and mentions “Fargo On The Move” will get free access!


“Promoting healthy lifestyles is a central part of the mission of each of our organizations,” included Jenna Johnson, Director of Family Wellness. “By teaming up with the other clubs in town to provide access, we’re hoping those individuals who might be interested in making steps towards a healthy change will take advantage of the opportunity to include an active component to their life.”


Whether you join us in our facility, take part in one of the Fargo On The Move events or get out and find your own way to be active, Fargo On The Move organizers encourage you to show us using #FargoOnTheMove when you post on social media.


“Fargo On The Move is about activity through creative play and social connection, shared Steve Smith, President of the YMCA of Cass and Clay Counties. “One very real way people are social today is through connections made on social media. We’re embracing that and encouraging people to follow our organizations on social media and use the hashtag #FargoOnTheMove. We’ll be following along and offering some fun prizes to those who post their move with the hashtag throughout the summer.”


For complete event details or to learn more about Fargo On The Move, visit


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