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January 2018

What did we learn from this year’s Australian Open?

By | Tennis

So by now we’re probably all lost an untold number of hours of sleep, trying to follow our favorite tennis players for the last two weeks. We’ve probably all debated the relative merits of the two giants of the men’s game, Nadal and Federer, and who is the Greatest of all time (G.O.A.T.) Certainly Federer’s twentieth major makes a compelling argument, but anyone who knows me, knows I wear a Nadal hat 24-7 so I’m not going there.

Oliver wearing his Nadal hat with family at the US Open

I have two really important takeaways from this year’s Aussie Open. Number one we’ve seen that age is not a factor. Roger Federer even said that himself. As long as the desire and hunger is there then people can achieve their goals, and continue to set new ones. Number two, if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Caroline Wozniaki proved that in the women’s event. She is someone who has previously held the world’s number one ranking for 67 weeks, lost in 2 prior grand slam finals and had to play 43 grand slams, and a total of 149 Grand Slam matches, before finally capturing her first major. She is also the World’s number one player again, so now she’s on week 68!

How is this all relatable to us mere humans? Age is not a factor, we have kids starting tennis at the age of 4, and players still playing at the age of 84. It’s never too late to start playing tennis and have fun with this great sport. If you remember tennis as a kid and think it’s not for you, try again. Tennis has changed, equipment has changed, lessons have changed. If you have a bad day on the court, don’t give up, try, try again. You can achieve your goals and we’re here to help. To view our upcoming programs visit our tennis page.


Benefits of having a Dual Membership

By | Membership

Having a great gym membership doesn’t need to be complicated or costly. We would rather keep prices cheaper and more convenient for our members than make it easier on us. Our Individual Membership rate is very competitive with other clubs in town but instead of doubling your cost by jumping up to a Family Membership just to add on a family member or roommate, we  have a Dual Membership option which helps out in a couple of ways.

You can split the cost which makes it less than an Individual plus you get to have a workout buddy. Workouts are much more productive and more fun than coming in alone. Most people stop coming to the gym because they don’t know anyone or they don’t know what to do and are too afraid to ask. By having a friend to workout with, you can bounce ideas around and stay more motivated. So, if you have a roommate or a family member that lives in the same household, take advantage of our Dual Membership.

If you are a couple and have children under the age of 9, you can upgrade to the Dual Plus which includes unlimited childcare for just over $16 more per month. This is an unbelievable savings when you compare prices to other facilities. Otherwise you can still use the childcare for $3 an hour per child. Once you have 2 adults and children over the age of 9, you will then upgrade to the Family Membership. And don’t forget that everyone on your membership receives free pool passes to all Fargo Park District pools.

Be sure to check out our membership plans and rates on our Membership page by clicking here or calling 701-237-4805 and ask for a membership representative.

Courts Plus Community Fitness Team Going To Nationals

By | Tennis

This past summer, Courts Plus Community Fitness started Fargo’s first United States Tennis Association (USTA) one doubles 4.5 men’s league. Each team consisted of 2-4 players at the 4.5 USTA rating level.

The team first won the local Courts Plus Community Fitness league this summer to qualify for sectionals. Team players are Oliver Summer; Courts Plus Community Fitness Tennis Director and MSUM Women’s Head Tennis Coach, David Youngs; a student of Oliver’s, current collegiate player at Concordia and a stringer at Courts Plus Community Fitness and Adam Gustad; a former student of Oliver’s and ex-collegiate player. Both David and Adam are Fargo South High School alumni who honed their skills at Courts Plus Community Fitness during their high school careers.

In December, the team won sectionals. There were 8 other teams from around the USTA Northern section who also won their local leagues. These leagues came from Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and part of Wisconsin.

The team will now represent the Northern Section at Nationals in Indian Wells, California March 15-18, 2018. This is the same date as the pro tournament that takes place there every year. The team will have an overwhelming amount of support as many Fargo tennis players spend time in Indian Wells each year. Brad Wimmer typically volunteers at the pro event every year.

Courts Plus Community Fitness Tennis leagues, including the summer USTA league, are open to anyone wanting to play. We have all different levels for both men’s and women’s leagues. If your game needs a tune up, Oliver Summers and his team of professionals can take your game to the next level, visit our tennis page for more information.