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Fargo On the Move

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Fargo On The Move

Fargo Park District, Courts Plus Community Fitness, Family Wellness and the YMCA of Cass and Clay Counties team up to encourage community activity

FARGO, ND- (April 26, 2018) Fargo Park District, Courts Plus, Family Wellness, and the YMCA of Cass and Clay Counties are teaming up to issue a challenge to our community: let’s see you move!  As part of this challenge, the partnering organizations are encouraging community activity through the new Fargo On The Move initiative. Through creative play and social connection, participants can expect to find fun new ways to be active. Whether you’re taking your first step or are already active, Fargo On The Move is about encouraging you and your family to get out this summer and find your move!


To help you find your move, Fargo On The Move is presenting a week of free activities and events throughout the community June 11-15. All events run 5:30-7:30 pm unless otherwise noted. Events include:

  • Monday, June 11 at Woodhaven Park (4406 44th Ave S, Fargo): Join us at Trout Fest (geared for ages 15 and younger) and bring your rod to do some fishing. Also at Woodhaven Park, take part in an Outdoor Circuit class, wear an inflatable bubble suit to tackle the Knockerball Challenge (geared for preteen plus), and bring your little builder to tackle the Imagination Playground.
  • Tuesday, June 12 at Centennial Park (4101 25th St S, Fargo): Come out to Party in the Park to dance to the karaoke, play in the bounce house and enjoy a hot dog. This Party in the Park is even better with the addition of the Knockerball Challenge, Outdoor Circuit class, Imagination Playground and Yard Games.
  • Wednesday, June 13 at Island Park (302 7th St S, Fargo): Join us for Yoga in the Park (geared for ages 15 plus) to experience the energy and benefits of taking your yoga practice outside at this Vinyasa-style class. Check out the activity throughout the park with the Knockerball Challenge, Imagination Playground and Yard Games.
  • Thursday, June 14 at Urban Plains Park (5050 30th Ave S, Fargo): Check out a tasty way to enjoy healthy veggies at the Sizzlin’ Skewers Cooking Demo. Stick around the park for lots of activity with Outdoor Circuit class, Imagination Playground and Yard Games. Bike rentals are also available for a small fee.
  • Friday, June 15 at Island Park (302 7th St S, Fargo): Finish the week with us at Midwest Kid Fest, a family-friendly event offering a whole day packed with awesome booths, activities and inflatable games that encourage you to get out and move. Be sure to join the Fargo On The Move crew on the Entertainment Stage at 2:30 pm for a fun workout that everyone can enjoy.


“We’re incredibly excited to team up with these outstanding organizations and welcome them to our parks,” said Joel Vettel, Executive Director of the Fargo Park District. “We hope that this week of activities and events demonstrates that there are easy and fun ways to be active. If you’re finding yourself struggling to switch up your own routine, we want to showcase that there are different ways to move.”


In addition to the fun events held throughout the week, Courts Plus Community Fitness, Family Wellness, Fercho YMCA and Schlossman YMCA are making it easy for community members to visit their fitness facilities June11-15. Anyone who stops in to one of the four locations during the week of June11-15 and mentions “Fargo On The Move” will get free access!


“Promoting healthy lifestyles is a central part of the mission of each of our organizations,” included Jenna Johnson, Director of Family Wellness. “By teaming up with the other clubs in town to provide access, we’re hoping those individuals who might be interested in making steps towards a healthy change will take advantage of the opportunity to include an active component to their life.”


Whether you join us in our facility, take part in one of the Fargo On The Move events or get out and find your own way to be active, Fargo On The Move organizers encourage you to show us using #FargoOnTheMove when you post on social media.


“Fargo On The Move is about activity through creative play and social connection, shared Steve Smith, President of the YMCA of Cass and Clay Counties. “One very real way people are social today is through connections made on social media. We’re embracing that and encouraging people to follow our organizations on social media and use the hashtag #FargoOnTheMove. We’ll be following along and offering some fun prizes to those who post their move with the hashtag throughout the summer.”


For complete event details or to learn more about Fargo On The Move, visit


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April showers bring May flowers

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SPRING, or shall I say summer is FINALLY here! We have waited what seems like years for this warm weather and sunshine to come and now that it has finally arrived, I don’t know about you, but I ALWAYS want to be outside. Unfortunately, rain and cooler temperatures have to make a visit every once in a while as well, so I figured a great topic of conversation for this month would be spring and summer activities that can be done indoors on those gloomy days when you are stuck indoors and don’t know what to do. Here are a couple of my favorite ideas for indoors at home and out in the community:

  1. Put on a fashion show- Give the kids a certain amount of time to raid your closet and come out in a few outfits of their choice for a fashion show right in your living room. You can even make it a contest to make it more interesting!
  2. Big Blue Family Time- Your family can challenge each other and have a blast on Big Blue and our ninja obstacles. Instructors at Courts Plus will not lead the class, but will be available for assistance and to demo the obstacles available. For the months of April and May, classes are Thursdays from 6:00PM-6:45PM and Saturdays from 10:30AM-11:15AM.
  3. Date Night!- We have Parents Night Out and Kids Night Out two times per month on Saturdays from 5:00PM-8:30PM where we will watch the kids while you can take a break and go on a date, to a movie, run errands etc. Their night will be packed with activities, games, sports, pizza and a movie. Contact Katie Trottier at to sign up!
  4. Penny and Pals- Every kid loves Penny and her musical pals, Rockin’ Robot and Bernie the Bear! Come wiggle, giggle and sing with Penny. Learn songs, dances and work with props. Then show off what you learned during the workshop at a special performance at the end of each session for families and friends. Be sure to register before June 7th at the Depot or online at
  5. Build an indoor obstacle course! – Want to stay home and stay active? Use pillows, blankets, cushions, chairs etc. and build an obstacle course throughout the house. This is something fun not only would the kids enjoy, but the parents too! It’s a chance for everyone to bond and a great way to get the heart rates up if you include speed and a timer.

I hope these ideas help break that rainy day blues as well as create some creativity and memories whether that is at home or out in the community! If you are interested in more ideas feel free to visit Courts plus or Fargo Park District websites and remember, April showers bring BEAUTIFUL May flowers!

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Supplements: Are they needed?

By | Personal Training

By: Rhys Geske, Personal Trainer

The supplement industry is a multi-billion-dollar revenue generating monster!  With that type of money, it’s hard to ignore the benefits of what a supplement might be able to do for you?  Hold that thought.  What is a supplement?  A supplement is just that, a supplement.  Something that completes or enhances something else, i.e., diet.  Supplements do work and are safe and effective in certain circumstances and for certain individuals.  The key is finding out which ones work and are safe.

Probably the most popular supplement is protein.  Protein supplements are safe and are great for convenience nutrition on-the-go.

Another common supplement that gets a lot of attention is creatine.  Creatine is safe and is a natural occurring compound found in your muscle.  It is responsible for providing a rapid, short-lived source of fuel in the form of phosphate.  Is it necessary?  Probably not for most people.  However, if you’re trying to increase your sprint speed or are resistance training, then creatine might be a viable option to you.

The topic of sports enhancing drugs, fat burners, muscle enhancers, etc.… rarely are effective and generally carry a backpack full of side-effects.

Overall, supplements should be viewed as something to complete in your health or training.  Insert end of commercial supplements message here: “always talk to your doctor or consult your physician before starting a new diet regimen.”

If you have questions about nutrition or need some guidance to match your fitness routines to your healthy nutritious lifestyle, reach out to me to set-up a free consultation. I would love to assist you to meet your goals. Visit our website for more information.

Rhys | Courts Plus

Education: National Personal Training Institute, North Dakota State University with a B.S. in Speech    Communication and Minor in Mass Communication
Certifications/Memberships: NSCA Certified Personal Trainer, NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, IKFF Kettlebell Instructor

Staying a Fit Mama During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is an amazing journey that you take in your life. While your body is transforming and literally growing another human, your mind and overall mentality changes as well. During this change, it helps to have stability to keep you on track with your daily life! And, for me part of that stability came with working out.

I’m not going to lie; keeping up with your normal workout schedule is hard especially during your first trimester. But, with a little motivation you will get back on track! That is why I wrote 5 tips to help you stay fit during your pregnancy that has helped me.

  1. Keeping track of calories

Don’t get in the mindset that ‘I’m eating for 2 people now’ and go nuts with your calorie intake. During your first trimester you don’t need an extra calorie intake than your normal pre-pregnancy amount. Then, in your second trimester you can increase by 350 more calories and in your third trimester to 450 more calories. When I was struggling with getting my calorie amount for the day, I downloaded My Fitness Pal app and that has been amazing to use! For more details on nutrition visit Sanford Health.

  1. Hire a personal trainer

Now, I would workout consistently on my lunch break 3-5 days a week pre-pregnancy. But, once I found out I was pregnant I felt lost on what I can and cannot do for each trimester. That is when I decided to hire Rhys as my personal trainer. He not only helped guide me with safe workout routines for each week, he also gave me great tips on healthy ways to eat and motivated me when I felt too tired to do a workout.

  1. Water…water…and more water

I was not an avid water drinker prior to being pregnant. That was a personal goal of mine to be better at. But, becoming pregnant made me motivated to get that water intake daily! I strive to get at least 2 Liters a day and I find myself that most days I go over that amount. And, on days I’m not feeling the plain water Mio or sparkling water helps with that!

  1. Don’t be too hard on yourself

Your body is growing and every pregnancy is different. Don’t start comparing yourself to other moms you may see on social media or at the gym who have that ‘perfect bump’ or no back fat. Your body is beautiful and by staying in that mindset will make you feel better about yourself! And, on the really hard days be open with your partner to have them give you a morale boost. It will do wonders!

  1. Squats!

I for one really enjoy squats. And, after reading a quote by Ina May Gaskin that states “Squat 300 times a day and you will give birth faster” only enhanced my love for them more! If doing squats may be hard for you, take advantage of the accessories located in the weight area. A medicine ball for wall squats, a bench to give you guidance on how low to go or a resistance band to hold onto as you squat down. The possibilities are endless!

I hope these tips help you on your pregnancy journey and help keep you fit as it did for me. You are a strong mama and you can do it! For information on a personal trainer visit our personal trainer page.

*These tips are my own personal views and you should consult with a medical provider for personal information on your specific pregnancy.*

Benefits of Group Exercise

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Benefits of Group Exercise

Group exercise has grown extremely popular over the past couple of decades.  Class formats range from muscle work, dance, yoga, to cardio.  The benefits of group exercise are endless!

Muscle classes are great for building strength and endurance.  Muscle work strengthens the bones, provides support for basic functional activities, and adds calorie burn throughout the day.  Yoga is great for flexibility, balance, and meditation.  Dance classes strengthen the heart and provide a great calorie burn.  Combining all class formats is a great way to improve overall fitness and health.

Group exercise instructors are trained to provide a great workout for all fitness levels.  Remember, everyone had their first class at some point.  Don’t be afraid to take that step into the studio to try out new routines.  Instructors will push participants to do exercises and movements correctly that most will not do on their own.   Don’t be afraid to try out any class format at Courts Plus.  Instructors are excited to help!  The social aspect of group exercise is probably the most important.  It’s a great way to meet new friends and commit to fitness without getting bored! Enjoy that first class!