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Benefits of Group Exercise

Group exercise has grown extremely popular over the past couple of decades.  Class formats range from muscle work, dance, yoga, to cardio.  The benefits of group exercise are endless!

Muscle classes are great for building strength and endurance.  Muscle work strengthens the bones, provides support for basic functional activities, and adds calorie burn throughout the day.  Yoga is great for flexibility, balance, and meditation.  Dance classes strengthen the heart and provide a great calorie burn.  Combining all class formats is a great way to improve overall fitness and health.

Group exercise instructors are trained to provide a great workout for all fitness levels.  Remember, everyone had their first class at some point.  Don’t be afraid to take that step into the studio to try out new routines.  Instructors will push participants to do exercises and movements correctly that most will not do on their own.   Don’t be afraid to try out any class format at Courts Plus.  Instructors are excited to help!  The social aspect of group exercise is probably the most important.  It’s a great way to meet new friends and commit to fitness without getting bored! Enjoy that first class!