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February 2018

S is for SUMMER!

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With the warmer weather coming around the corner, I figured many parents would be starting to think of summer activities to help keep the kids entertained while school is out so I thought it would be helpful to make a list of options available around the F/M area. What comes to mind when thinking of fun summer activities here in Fargo/ Moorhead? The zoo? Thunder Road? The park? If you are stuck on those three ideas, here are 6 more outdoor activities for you to enjoy:

Visit the Buffalo River State Park Buffalo River is a quick 20 minute drive to many fun summer day activities. The man made swimming pond is open from May 26- August 19 of this year. There are also camping options, picnic tables, fishing, and beautiful walking/biking trails.

Canoeing and kayaking on the Red River Enjoy canoeing or kayaking right here in Fargo! All vessels are rented on a first come, first serve basis and are used at the Hjemkomst Landing only. Rentals are available from May 29- August 28 and are $15/ person if using a rental or $10/ person if you provide your own. Children 5 years and under are free!

Swimming- Free Swimming to our pools/ outdoor waterparks through Fargo Park District with your Family membership as long as the kids are included on the membership. These pools include Davies, Fargo North, Fargo South, Island Park, Madison Pool and Splash Pad, Northside and Southwest pool.

Outdoor Tennis- Star junior tennis has two sessions and three different levels (beginner, intermediate, and advanced) available to children in the summer. The first session begins on June 5- 29 and the second session starts July 10- August 4.

Party in the Park Party in the Park is a Fargo Parks event that is held every Tuesday starting July 10- August 14. They are held at a different park each week and include an evening of family fun! Free hot dogs and beverages are provided while supplies last.

Courts Plus in the Parks- Free community fitness classes open to the public. These events are throughout the summer. The first one starts at 5:30PM on June 7 at Milwaukee Trail North Park for adults and at 6:30PM for families.

I hope that these ideas inspire you to get outside and have some fun in the sun with your family! There are endless options throughout the F/M area. If you are interested in more ideas feel free to visit Courts Plus or Fargo Park District websites.

Four Tips for New Members

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Joining a new gym can be intimidating, especially if you’re new to fitness. Now that you have your membership card, whats next? How do you decide what equipment to use? How do you know what exercises to try? At Courts Plus Community Fitness, we’re here to support you with advice, programs, classes and services that will help motivate you and provide you with the confidence to reach your health and fitness goals. Here are four tips for new Courts Plus members:

Set a regular workout schedule- Whether its first thing in the morning, over the noon hour, after work or later at night, it’s important to include your workout as part of your weekly schedule. A schedule will help you make exercise a habit and become a part of your routine. Not only will this help you start strong, but will help you remain consistent.

Get a FREE Orientation- Take advantage of a free orientation to help you decide what equipment to use and how to use it. A personal trainer will show you around the fitness areas and introduce you to all the weight and cardio machines that we offer. If needed, they can teach you how to use equipment safely and effectively. Schedule your orientation today by clicking here.

Utilize a Personal Trainer- Do you have specific questions regarding your workout routine? Our certified trainers can help! You will start with a free consultation, where you will discuss your personal/medical history, past exercise experience, goal setting and complete a fitness assessment. Your trainer will design an individualized workout plan and provide you with advice during your training session. Schedule your consult today by clicking here.

Try a group exercise class- Classes are available for all fitness levels and are FREE with your gym membership. This is a great opportunity to try something new, meet other members and try different workouts. Checkout our Group Fitness Schedule for a complete list of classes.

These are just a few tips to help get your started on your fitness journey at Courts Plus.

Valentine’s Date at a Gym, I Say Yes!

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When Valentine’s Day comes around you are surrounded by chocolate and indulgence! When it’s not necessarily bad to treat yourself now and then, we don’t want it to throw ourselves or our significant other too far off the healthy track.

Everyone sees the fit couples that workout together whether that’d be in the gym, hiking or walking their dog at night. We all strive to be those couples, like Katie and Dave Stensland. They are a great example of a couple that workout together and hold one another accountable! We want to help motivate each other to stay healthy and live that healthier lifestyle together. And; let’s be honest, when people are doing that together it makes achieving your goals 10x easier!

Ktjean3127Picture Credit: ktjean3127

But, we know that life happens and it gets hard to make those workout dates happen and meet your fitness goals together. That is why I have put together the top 5 ways for you to have a gym date this Valentine’s Day!

  1. Attend a Group X class together

Now, you or your significant other may not be into a class as much as the other. But, a relationship is about give and take…right? So, give a little and go to their favorite class with them!

  1. Utilize the childcare

We have our childcare where Plus members get free use and Fitness members pay $3.00 per child/per hour! All you have to do is call to make a reservation. Then, you won’t have to worry about your littles ones while you enjoy a kid free workout together.

  1. Parent’s Night Out or Kids’ Night Out

Although, this may not necessarily work for Valentine’s Day specifically, I felt this was worthy of the top 5! It’s a chance to have your kids have fun with friends at Courts Plus Community Fitness, while you go enjoy yourselves with a date night. Win win for everyone!

  1. Fun Game of One-on-One

We have tennis, racquetball and basketball courts. There is bound to be one sport that will peak your interest. Why not challenge your significant other to a game and whoever wins gets to buy the other a smoothie at our smoothie bar (with or without sharing that is your choice)!

  1. Couple Workout

A quick Google search will lead you to so many couples’ workout routines and all you need is a weight area to do them! Guess what? We have that covered for you! All you have to do is a little research on your end and come in. Maybe even surprise your date by bringing them here and then go to dinner after?

I hope that these ideas spark an interest in staying on track today! Don’t feel that you have to be unhealthy just because it’s Valentine’s Day; there are ways to keep each other motivated and sticking to your workout program. Happy Valentine’s Day!

New Years Resolution

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January is a great time to start a new program, exercise routine, wellness routine, or nutritional guidance.  Too many times after January, the stress of maintaining a new lifestyle causes a gym participant to quit completely.  Many new gym participants look for fast, quick, and easy ways of either losing weight or gaining strength and endurance.  Unfortunately, a lot of these people start too hard with their routine and burn out fast.  Success for fitness and nutrition come with good advice and motivation from others.  A great way to stay focused though out the whole year is to set smaller goals weekly.  An example of this would be starting a walking routine 3-4 days per week versus trying to get to the gym 7 days per week.  A nutritional example of this would be cutting out all sweets versus trying to put more fruits and vegetables into the diet.  Extreme changes will ultimately cause failure.

Group Exercise is a great way to start a new program and stick to it.  Instructors at Courts Plus are extremely motivating and helpful.  Participants can try a great variety of classes that can focus on strength, endurance, flexibility, and emotional wellness.  Gym participants can also learn correct form and amount of exercise that is reasonable without risk of injury.

Personal training is also a great option to learn new exercises safely.  If the participants have very large goals for the year, a trainer can break those goals into smaller parts that are easier to achieve.  Also, a personal trainer can easily help to treat injuries from the past and prevent further injury.

If you are starting your new year with a fitness or weight loss goal, contact a professional versus looking information on the internet or deciding on your own what you can do.  Get advice to stay safe, prevent injury, and succeed in your new lifestyle.  Courts Plus fitness professionals are always available to answer questions, motivate, and keep your on your fitness journey throughout the year!

Visit our Group Exercise page.