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New Years Resolution

January is a great time to start a new program, exercise routine, wellness routine, or nutritional guidance.  Too many times after January, the stress of maintaining a new lifestyle causes a gym participant to quit completely.  Many new gym participants look for fast, quick, and easy ways of either losing weight or gaining strength and endurance.  Unfortunately, a lot of these people start too hard with their routine and burn out fast.  Success for fitness and nutrition come with good advice and motivation from others.  A great way to stay focused though out the whole year is to set smaller goals weekly.  An example of this would be starting a walking routine 3-4 days per week versus trying to get to the gym 7 days per week.  A nutritional example of this would be cutting out all sweets versus trying to put more fruits and vegetables into the diet.  Extreme changes will ultimately cause failure.

Group Exercise is a great way to start a new program and stick to it.  Instructors at Courts Plus are extremely motivating and helpful.  Participants can try a great variety of classes that can focus on strength, endurance, flexibility, and emotional wellness.  Gym participants can also learn correct form and amount of exercise that is reasonable without risk of injury.

Personal training is also a great option to learn new exercises safely.  If the participants have very large goals for the year, a trainer can break those goals into smaller parts that are easier to achieve.  Also, a personal trainer can easily help to treat injuries from the past and prevent further injury.

If you are starting your new year with a fitness or weight loss goal, contact a professional versus looking information on the internet or deciding on your own what you can do.  Get advice to stay safe, prevent injury, and succeed in your new lifestyle.  Courts Plus fitness professionals are always available to answer questions, motivate, and keep your on your fitness journey throughout the year!

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