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June 2018

Benefits of Child Care

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With many new moms coming in the gym lately, I thought a fun topic for this week would be to discuss a few benefits of bringing children to a child care center/ facility such as Courts Plus Community Fitness Center! I know many people automatically think of germs and colds when they think of child care. While that is an obvious fact, there are many other reasons that outweigh that “scary” factor. Here are a few benefits:

  1. Socialization- In my opinion, there is no better place to socialize your children then a child care facility. At Courts Plus, we have 20 children max at a time. This makes it nearly impossible for every child to not be able to find someone to play and socialize with on a daily basis. Socializing helps children learn how to share and get along with others. We have had countless children enroll as a shy, quiet child and now walk into the room with a big smile and “Good Morning” to the teachers and the kids.
  2. Structure and routine- Children thrive on structure and routine. Whether you decide to take your child to a center or just drop them off to play for 2 hours at Courts Plus, you are helping teach your child (ren) consistency. I can definitely tell when a family has been on vacation and away from the gym for a week based on the child’s mode and behavior. It does not take long for them to get back into the normal daily routine, but it does disrupt them enough to the point where they can act out. Children and parents NEED consistency and I believe child care benefits from that!
  3. Academic readiness- Child Care is full of learning opportunities. Kids are introduced to the basics of math through counting numbers and/or colors, physical fitness through continuous activities, art through art projects and communication with others in the room. Just about everything in a center promotes education and learning which helps children of all ages to grow to their fullest potential.
  4. Stability and reliability- Child Care centers/ facilities have set hours and are always staffed accordingly. It is nice to have a reliable place to bring your children where you can have peace of mind that your children are being taken care of and loved while you get your work out in.
  5. Parent support- Courts Plus is a great example of this benefit! We have many moms who have a monthly “mom’s night” where they will get together because of the family they have gained through the child care. We are much more than a gym and you can see the relationships and trust that has formed throughout our parents.
  6. Promotes creativity and imagination- There is no better place to promote creativity and imagination in a room full of children and teachers who have a true passion for loving children and helping them grow to be the best they can be. At Courts Plus, we know how to be silly and “weird” because we know that is what it takes to make the kids day. We love to do things such as sing songs, make up fun games, play tricks on the teachers, dress up with our friends, play dolls, build tracks, play cards, make forts, do art projects, go for walks, tell stories, read books, play on the playground and so much more!


* If you are interested in learning more about our child care here at Courts Plus feel free to visit our website or come on in for a tour!

How’s Your Recovery?

By | Personal Training

By: Rhys Geske, Personal Trainer

Do you wake up in the morning and feel sometimes like Tin Man on The Wizard of Oz?  If you haven’t seen The Wizard of Oz I highly suggest you stop reading this and rent that classic movie now!

Muscle soreness and stiffness can be brought on by multiple factors, i.e., lifting weights, just beginning a new program, starting a new sport season, running, poor nutrition, lack of sleep, stress and even high anxiety.

To combat DOMS, or delayed onset muscle syndrome, it’s important to incorporate proper recovery tactics in your arsenal of training.  Types of various recovery methods are:  foam rolling, stretching, ice, nutrition, proper foot wear, massage, heat packs and even steam rooms to just name a few.  I want to touch on the first one – foam rolling!

I must admit, I wasn’t giving it a chance.  My massage therapist swore by the foam roller and I was always battling some type of muscle tightness/soreness.  Okay, I’ll give this “slow painful, ugly, torture, yet free, massage therapist device” a chance.  For 45 days and counting I have been daily foam rolling my legs.  They feel great and I can walk without them feeling like cement pillars!  It took around day 15 before I started noticing how little it hurts anymore to foam roll.  My massage therapist was right again as she told me the more I do it, the less it hurts.

Icing is great to diminish inflammation.  Static stretching or holding a pose for 20-30 seconds helps with elasticity and flexibility of the muscles.  Strawberries contain natural inflammatory properties.  Changing out your running shoes every 500 miles really does help.  Courts Plus offers yoga classes that can help relieve some stress out of your life.

These are just some tips and tricks that I personally do that help me out.  Again, find what works for you and as long as you’re staying active and moving… well, just as the saying goes “a body in motion, tends to stay in motion”.

If you have questions about nutrition or need some guidance to match your fitness routines to your healthy nutritious lifestyle, reach out to me to set-up a free consultation. I would love to assist you to meet your goals. Visit our website for more information.

Rhys | Courts Plus

Education: National Personal Training Institute, North Dakota State University with a B.S. in Speech    Communication and Minor in Mass Communication
Certifications/Memberships: NSCA Certified Personal Trainer, NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, IKFF Kettlebell Instructor


By | Fitness Fun

Self-affirmations are a great way to help you get motivated and stay motivated! At Courts Plus Community Fitness, we don’t want you to ever lose sight of your goals. We want to help you succeed every way possible. So, I put together 10 motivational quotes for you to look at before, during or after your workout! This is anything that’ll help get you through that one last rep before going home.


Love Your Body

That’s right; we’re telling you to love your body! Even if it’s not exactly what you want you to look like. Self-image love is the first step that you need to take if you are willing to make the changes.


The Road to Nowhere is Full of Excuses

No excuses. That is something we all abide by at Courts Plus Community Fitness. There really is no excuse to not stay on track. If you don’t make yourself work hard you will never see the changes and meet your goal.


Sore the Most Satisfying Pain

It may sound odd, but sore pain is satisfying! That means whatever you just put your body through made it break down and rebuild itself up to a better version! So, enjoy the pain. It means you worked hard and did something right.


Sweat is Just Fat Crying

Don’t be ashamed of sweating! We all sweat. Some more than others, but that’s beside the point. We all sweat nonetheless and should embrace it!


Workout You Didn't Do

Whether you had a 10 minute workout quick before you had to go pick-up the kids or you crammed in a 30 minute session over your lunch break. That is better than nothing. Go you!


Suck it Up

Don’t complain. Yes, it is hard and yes it may be time consuming. But, that day that you notice “Hey, I’m not sucking in my stomach anymore!” is a very gratifying day.


Get Fit In the Gym

This is a very true statement. Being and staying healthy is more than a one part deal of working out. What you put in your body counts too! So, maybe next time you’re offered that second donut at the office, decline.


One Bad Meal

It’s a journey. That one cheat day of going to McDonald’s with your friends and getting a Big Mac won’t throw you so far off course that you have to start all over. Just like eating that one salad every month won’t get you to fit into that summer swimsuit. You have to make the decision to work at it daily.


Work in Progress and Masterpiece

This is my favorite quote! While you are working on improving yourself both physically and mentally, you are still an amazing and gorgeous person! You shouldn’t get down on yourself with small setbacks, because with continual hard work and dedication you will get there.


Weakness to Strength

We all have weaknesses and they are all different. Once we start working on our weaknesses we notice that they soon change into strengths! But, that doesn’t mean to stop there. Once you reach that point, keep going and soon what was your weakness is now second nature to you!