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Staying Active As We Age

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Benefits of Staying Active

Research has shown the endless benefits of exercise. As we age, the benefits of exercise become even more important. As we age, the risk of osteoporosis, osteopenia, and fractures increase.  Below are just few of the benefits of staying active.

Live longer

According to the World Health Organization, leading a sedentary lifestyle is one of 10 leading causes of death and disability. Even gentle, regular exercise such as walking or swimming can increase lifespan by around three to five years.

Prevent falls

Improving muscle strength and bone density can be helpful in reducing the risk of falls as it can also improve balance. The WHO say regular exercise can reduce the risk of having a hip fracture by 40%.

Reduced risk of stroke or heart attack

Regular cardiovascular exercise, such as brisk walking, cycling or light housework – anything that raises the heart rate – will increase blood flow to the heart and boost your overall health.

Better bone density

Weight-bearing exercise such as walking or jogging can help increase the strength of bones and reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis and fractures. According to The National Osteoporosis Society, one in two women and one in five men will break a bone due to osteoporosis.

Reduced risk of developing dementia

Being sedentary in later years can increase the risk of developing dementia, according to a recent study published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease. The study, which analysed more than 1,600 older adults over five years, found that those who did not exercise were more likely to develop dementia than those who did.

Prevent or delay disease

Exercise is an effective remedy for many chronic conditions. Studies show that people with arthritis, heart disease, or diabetes benefit from regular activity. It can also help in management of high cholesterol; keeping cholesterol levels within a healthy range can help to reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.

More confidence and independence

A study by the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society examined exercise in the elderly and found that training led to improvements in functional reach and balance and reduced participants’ fear of falling.

It’s never to late to start moving!  Check out our full senior schedule at!

Tennis Courts | Courts Plus

Good luck to all tennis players this weekend, especially our members!

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This Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Courts Plus will be hosting the North Dakota Girls High School East Region Championships. 8 High Schools from the Eastern part of North Dakota have earned the right to compete, to make it to State. Out of those 8 high schools 5 of them will be local schools, Sheyenne, Davies, Shanley, Fargo North and West Fargo.
Courts Plus will be rocking will 3 full days of competition along with Island Park, Elephant Park and Discovery. The team event is taking place on Thursday, and the individual singles and doubles will be Friday and Saturday.
At this time I’d like to highlight all of the local players playing on those local teams that we see year round at Courts Plus. It’s no surprise that the top seeded team, Sheyenne High School, have 5 of their top 6 in regular lessons, and all 5 are Courts Plus members! They also have the reigning North Dakota High School Champion, Monti Knewtson. They are not the exception. Davies, Shanley, Fargo North and West Fargo all have Courts Plus members.
The top players in the state know that they have to play year round to stand a chance of competing for a State title. With so many options at Courts Plus throughout the year, even those who play other sports, can keep their tennis game going in the off season. We have pros who work all hours, nights, weekends, early mornings, whatever it takes to keep you or your kid on the court and in the game.
We’d like to wish every competitor good luck this weekend, but especially those friendly faces who we see year round at Courts Plus. They know what it takes to be a champion.
For more info and to see our Summer options click here

Courts Plus Pool Passes

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Most people have heard of or have been members of Courts Plus Community Fitness but didn’t realize that we are owned and operated by the Fargo Park District. Because of this we are able to take advantage of some great resources. Not only can we use the great parks for classes and gatherings but we can also offer our members FREE pool passes to all 5 Park District pools. These locations include Davies Recreational Pool, Southwest Recreational Pool, Island Park Pool, Northside Recreation Pool, and Madison Pool and Splash Pad.  In the winter our members can also use the Fargo South and Fargo North High School Indoor Pools during lap swim. For more details on location and hours of operation please click here. In case you were wondering, the slides are included! Your kids are going to thank you for being members of Courts Plus.

The money you will save is crazy! For example a family pass for the summer is worth $156.25. Daily fees to Davies, Northside and Southwest Recreational Pools are $3.25 for kids, $4.50 for adults or $9.50 for a family pass. To check out the full list of fees click here. If you are members and your kids only use the childcare, you can simply add them onto your account for a small fee. It will be well worth it this summer.

Some of our member’s put their membership on hold for the summer because it’s nice out and they can participate in activities outside. By keeping your membership active you now get double the benefits. You are able to get the FREE pool passes plus you can still use the facility for weights, cardio, the playground, etc. There will be many days when the sun is crazy hot and you will need air conditioning. Plus, why work so hard in the gym for 9 months and then just let it all go. At least maintain your hard work a couple times a week, your body will thank you.

If you haven’t already joined Courts Plus, we hope this will strongly encourage you to stop in and check us out. For all of our members, thank you for choosing us and please stop by the front desk to get your pool passes for everyone on your membership.

Courts Plus in the Park

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Need something to do this summer on Thursday evenings? Like last summer, we will have outdoor classes at Milwaukee Trail Park. We will offer an Adult and Youth/Family classes for a fun evening for the whole family. There are playgrounds close by so the kids can play while the adults have their class first! Below is a quick overview of what to expect!

Which park?—Milwaukee Trail Park #1 (North) found at 3601 17th St. S.

What’s going on?—We will be having FREE adult and youth/family classes

When?—Thursdays: June 7 & 21, July 19, August 2 & 16

What time?—Adult class will start at 5:30pm & Youth/Family will start at 6:30pm

Who can attend these classes?—These classes will be FREE for all members and non-members. If you know someone who is debating on joining a gym, bring them with and tell them all the options we have offer at Courts Plus! The adult classes will be for ages 13 and older. Youth/Family classes will be for ages 3-12.

Why should I attend?—There are only a few short months of nice weather so why not enjoy that AND workout at the same time?!

Can I count it as part of my number of times I need to attend the gym?—Yes, of course! Just email Wayne ( or Katie ( and they will make sure you get credit for attending a class!

Can I count this as part of the Fitness Program (Fitness Bingo) that is going on?—Yes, of course! Fitness Bingo is another fun program we have at Courts Plus when you can win prizes for attending classes. This program begins May 21st.

You can find all details of what the classes will be here.

Pickle Ball from a Tennis Pro

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By Zach Zitur, Tennis Pro.

We all look forward to this time of year. Winter is finally receding and spring is upon us. I always love being able to get outside and play tennis and enjoy the few months of phenomenal weather we get each year. While everyone loves the change to better weather, one thing I love is the return of my grandparents, who are snowbirds, who come back for the summer months. Some five or six years ago something odd happened though. My grandparents had brought back some pickle ball paddles to play with in the summer. I had played pickle ball in gym class, but had never seen people that were dedicated enough to go out and buy their own paddles, and balls. I asked them why they had gotten into the sport so much, they said it was everywhere in the Phoenix area. Knowing my grandparents I thought they were exaggerating, but when I visited the next winter I saw what they were talking about. People were playing everywhere, and all day, I never imagined a random sport from gym class would have this much of a following. Fast forward to today, and the pickle ball craze has hit the Fargo area. Any sports store you go to seems to have paddles, and even if you are looking online at tennis rackets, which I frequently do, the recommended items will include pickle ball paddles. Despite all the interest there are not many places to play in the Fargo area, which is why I liked when Courts Plus redid the gym and included pickle ball lines to have a place to play. Have you heard? We’re going to be doing some Pickle Ball on the tennis courts too!

Teaching tennis is a passion of mine, but pickle ball is also such a great sport to teach and play. One of the biggest reasons why I love both sports is the ability to play both for many years. and to share the sport generationally. As a tennis coach you always hear “oh they’re a tennis family” and the saying is very true. Tennis is definitely a sport that gets handed down through a family tree, and I believe the same is about to occur with pickle ball. We can beat around the bush, but pickle ball certainly has a reputation to be a old person’s game, but as time goes on I see more and more young adults and even kids playing it. First my grandparents started playing, then they got me and my parents to try it and I am sure it will be passed down from there; and I am positive that my grandparents are not the exception. It is the classic easy to learn, hard to master formula that makes pickle ball a great sport to play as a family, and so I don’t see its popularity dying down anytime soon.

Pickle ball is great for those wanting to learn a new sport or to play with family. Despite being a tennis pro I keep getting requests to learn how to play pickle ball and have thus given some lessons. Pickle ball has went from a unit I had to do in gym to a sport that I love to play and teach. So if you are looking to learn tennis or try out pickle ball contact me for a lesson today!