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Good luck to all tennis players this weekend, especially our members!

Tennis Courts | Courts Plus

This Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Courts Plus will be hosting the North Dakota Girls High School East Region Championships. 8 High Schools from the Eastern part of North Dakota have earned the right to compete, to make it to State. Out of those 8 high schools 5 of them will be local schools, Sheyenne, Davies, Shanley, Fargo North and West Fargo.
Courts Plus will be rocking will 3 full days of competition along with Island Park, Elephant Park and Discovery. The team event is taking place on Thursday, and the individual singles and doubles will be Friday and Saturday.
At this time I’d like to highlight all of the local players playing on those local teams that we see year round at Courts Plus. It’s no surprise that the top seeded team, Sheyenne High School, have 5 of their top 6 in regular lessons, and all 5 are Courts Plus members! They also have the reigning North Dakota High School Champion, Monti Knewtson. They are not the exception. Davies, Shanley, Fargo North and West Fargo all have Courts Plus members.
The top players in the state know that they have to play year round to stand a chance of competing for a State title. With so many options at Courts Plus throughout the year, even those who play other sports, can keep their tennis game going in the off season. We have pros who work all hours, nights, weekends, early mornings, whatever it takes to keep you or your kid on the court and in the game.
We’d like to wish every competitor good luck this weekend, but especially those friendly faces who we see year round at Courts Plus. They know what it takes to be a champion.
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