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Courts Plus Pool Passes

Most people have heard of or have been members of Courts Plus Community Fitness but didn’t realize that we are owned and operated by the Fargo Park District. Because of this we are able to take advantage of some great resources. Not only can we use the great parks for classes and gatherings but we can also offer our members FREE pool passes to all 5 Park District pools. These locations include Davies Recreational Pool, Southwest Recreational Pool, Island Park Pool, Northside Recreation Pool, and Madison Pool and Splash Pad.  In the winter our members can also use the Fargo South and Fargo North High School Indoor Pools during lap swim. For more details on location and hours of operation please click here. In case you were wondering, the slides are included! Your kids are going to thank you for being members of Courts Plus.

The money you will save is crazy! For example a family pass for the summer is worth $156.25. Daily fees to Davies, Northside and Southwest Recreational Pools are $3.25 for kids, $4.50 for adults or $9.50 for a family pass. To check out the full list of fees click here. If you are members and your kids only use the childcare, you can simply add them onto your account for a small fee. It will be well worth it this summer.

Some of our member’s put their membership on hold for the summer because it’s nice out and they can participate in activities outside. By keeping your membership active you now get double the benefits. You are able to get the FREE pool passes plus you can still use the facility for weights, cardio, the playground, etc. There will be many days when the sun is crazy hot and you will need air conditioning. Plus, why work so hard in the gym for 9 months and then just let it all go. At least maintain your hard work a couple times a week, your body will thank you.

If you haven’t already joined Courts Plus, we hope this will strongly encourage you to stop in and check us out. For all of our members, thank you for choosing us and please stop by the front desk to get your pool passes for everyone on your membership.