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By June 6, 2018Fitness Fun

Self-affirmations are a great way to help you get motivated and stay motivated! At Courts Plus Community Fitness, we don’t want you to ever lose sight of your goals. We want to help you succeed every way possible. So, I put together 10 motivational quotes for you to look at before, during or after your workout! This is anything that’ll help get you through that one last rep before going home.


Love Your Body

That’s right; we’re telling you to love your body! Even if it’s not exactly what you want you to look like. Self-image love is the first step that you need to take if you are willing to make the changes.


The Road to Nowhere is Full of Excuses

No excuses. That is something we all abide by at Courts Plus Community Fitness. There really is no excuse to not stay on track. If you don’t make yourself work hard you will never see the changes and meet your goal.


Sore the Most Satisfying Pain

It may sound odd, but sore pain is satisfying! That means whatever you just put your body through made it break down and rebuild itself up to a better version! So, enjoy the pain. It means you worked hard and did something right.


Sweat is Just Fat Crying

Don’t be ashamed of sweating! We all sweat. Some more than others, but that’s beside the point. We all sweat nonetheless and should embrace it!


Workout You Didn't Do

Whether you had a 10 minute workout quick before you had to go pick-up the kids or you crammed in a 30 minute session over your lunch break. That is better than nothing. Go you!


Suck it Up

Don’t complain. Yes, it is hard and yes it may be time consuming. But, that day that you notice “Hey, I’m not sucking in my stomach anymore!” is a very gratifying day.


Get Fit In the Gym

This is a very true statement. Being and staying healthy is more than a one part deal of working out. What you put in your body counts too! So, maybe next time you’re offered that second donut at the office, decline.


One Bad Meal

It’s a journey. That one cheat day of going to McDonald’s with your friends and getting a Big Mac won’t throw you so far off course that you have to start all over. Just like eating that one salad every month won’t get you to fit into that summer swimsuit. You have to make the decision to work at it daily.


Work in Progress and Masterpiece

This is my favorite quote! While you are working on improving yourself both physically and mentally, you are still an amazing and gorgeous person! You shouldn’t get down on yourself with small setbacks, because with continual hard work and dedication you will get there.


Weakness to Strength

We all have weaknesses and they are all different. Once we start working on our weaknesses we notice that they soon change into strengths! But, that doesn’t mean to stop there. Once you reach that point, keep going and soon what was your weakness is now second nature to you!