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April showers bring May flowers

By April 25, 2018April 27th, 2018Fitness Fun, Membership, Youth

SPRING, or shall I say summer is FINALLY here! We have waited what seems like years for this warm weather and sunshine to come and now that it has finally arrived, I don’t know about you, but I ALWAYS want to be outside. Unfortunately, rain and cooler temperatures have to make a visit every once in a while as well, so I figured a great topic of conversation for this month would be spring and summer activities that can be done indoors on those gloomy days when you are stuck indoors and don’t know what to do. Here are a couple of my favorite ideas for indoors at home and out in the community:

  1. Put on a fashion show- Give the kids a certain amount of time to raid your closet and come out in a few outfits of their choice for a fashion show right in your living room. You can even make it a contest to make it more interesting!
  2. Functional Training Room Family Time- Your family can challenge each other and have a blast on Functional Training Room and our ninja obstacles. Instructors at Courts Plus will not lead the class, but will be available for assistance and to demo the obstacles available. For the months of April and May, classes are Thursdays from 6:00PM-6:45PM and Saturdays from 10:30AM-11:15AM.
  3. Date Night!- We have Parents Night Out and Kids Night Out two times per month on Saturdays from 5:00PM-8:30PM where we will watch the kids while you can take a break and go on a date, to a movie, run errands etc. Their night will be packed with activities, games, sports, pizza and a movie. Contact Katie Trottier at to sign up!
  4. Penny and Pals- Every kid loves Penny and her musical pals, Rockin’ Robot and Bernie the Bear! Come wiggle, giggle and sing with Penny. Learn songs, dances and work with props. Then show off what you learned during the workshop at a special performance at the end of each session for families and friends. Be sure to register before June 7th at the Depot or online at
  5. Build an indoor obstacle course! – Want to stay home and stay active? Use pillows, blankets, cushions, chairs etc. and build an obstacle course throughout the house. This is something fun not only would the kids enjoy, but the parents too! It’s a chance for everyone to bond and a great way to get the heart rates up if you include speed and a timer.

I hope these ideas help break that rainy day blues as well as create some creativity and memories whether that is at home or out in the community! If you are interested in more ideas feel free to visit Courts plus or Fargo Park District websites and remember, April showers bring BEAUTIFUL May flowers!

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