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Supplements: Are they needed?

By: Rhys Geske, Personal Trainer

The supplement industry is a multi-billion-dollar revenue generating monster!  With that type of money, it’s hard to ignore the benefits of what a supplement might be able to do for you?  Hold that thought.  What is a supplement?  A supplement is just that, a supplement.  Something that completes or enhances something else, i.e., diet.  Supplements do work and are safe and effective in certain circumstances and for certain individuals.  The key is finding out which ones work and are safe.

Probably the most popular supplement is protein.  Protein supplements are safe and are great for convenience nutrition on-the-go.

Another common supplement that gets a lot of attention is creatine.  Creatine is safe and is a natural occurring compound found in your muscle.  It is responsible for providing a rapid, short-lived source of fuel in the form of phosphate.  Is it necessary?  Probably not for most people.  However, if you’re trying to increase your sprint speed or are resistance training, then creatine might be a viable option to you.

The topic of sports enhancing drugs, fat burners, muscle enhancers, etc.… rarely are effective and generally carry a backpack full of side-effects.

Overall, supplements should be viewed as something to complete in your health or training.  Insert end of commercial supplements message here: “always talk to your doctor or consult your physician before starting a new diet regimen.”

If you have questions about nutrition or need some guidance to match your fitness routines to your healthy nutritious lifestyle, reach out to me to set-up a free consultation. I would love to assist you to meet your goals. Visit our website for more information.

Rhys | Courts Plus

Education: National Personal Training Institute, North Dakota State University with a B.S. in Speech    Communication and Minor in Mass Communication
Certifications/Memberships: NSCA Certified Personal Trainer, NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, IKFF Kettlebell Instructor