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Staying a Fit Mama During Pregnancy

By April 10, 2018Fitness Fun

Pregnancy is an amazing journey that you take in your life. While your body is transforming and literally growing another human, your mind and overall mentality changes as well. During this change, it helps to have stability to keep you on track with your daily life! And, for me part of that stability came with working out.

I’m not going to lie; keeping up with your normal workout schedule is hard especially during your first trimester. But, with a little motivation you will get back on track! That is why I wrote 5 tips to help you stay fit during your pregnancy that has helped me.

  1. Keeping track of calories

Don’t get in the mindset that ‘I’m eating for 2 people now’ and go nuts with your calorie intake. During your first trimester you don’t need an extra calorie intake than your normal pre-pregnancy amount. Then, in your second trimester you can increase by 350 more calories and in your third trimester to 450 more calories. When I was struggling with getting my calorie amount for the day, I downloaded My Fitness Pal app and that has been amazing to use! For more details on nutrition visit Sanford Health.

  1. Hire a personal trainer

Now, I would workout consistently on my lunch break 3-5 days a week pre-pregnancy. But, once I found out I was pregnant I felt lost on what I can and cannot do for each trimester. That is when I decided to hire Rhys as my personal trainer. He not only helped guide me with safe workout routines for each week, he also gave me great tips on healthy ways to eat and motivated me when I felt too tired to do a workout.

  1. Water…water…and more water

I was not an avid water drinker prior to being pregnant. That was a personal goal of mine to be better at. But, becoming pregnant made me motivated to get that water intake daily! I strive to get at least 2 Liters a day and I find myself that most days I go over that amount. And, on days I’m not feeling the plain water Mio or sparkling water helps with that!

  1. Don’t be too hard on yourself

Your body is growing and every pregnancy is different. Don’t start comparing yourself to other moms you may see on social media or at the gym who have that ‘perfect bump’ or no back fat. Your body is beautiful and by staying in that mindset will make you feel better about yourself! And, on the really hard days be open with your partner to have them give you a morale boost. It will do wonders!

  1. Squats!

I for one really enjoy squats. And, after reading a quote by Ina May Gaskin that states “Squat 300 times a day and you will give birth faster” only enhanced my love for them more! If doing squats may be hard for you, take advantage of the accessories located in the weight area. A medicine ball for wall squats, a bench to give you guidance on how low to go or a resistance band to hold onto as you squat down. The possibilities are endless!

I hope these tips help you on your pregnancy journey and help keep you fit as it did for me. You are a strong mama and you can do it! For information on a personal trainer visit our personal trainer page.

*These tips are my own personal views and you should consult with a medical provider for personal information on your specific pregnancy.*