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Courts Plus Ladies Night: Join me at the bar for the next five weeks

Dates:  March 13th-April 10th

Day:  Fridays

Time:  6:00pm-7:15pm

Personal Trainer:  Paula Comeau

Cost is $100 for members and $150 for nonmembers


Courts Plus Ladies Night is a new weight lifting program that is structured to help women grow and expand their own lifting programs OR begin their journey into the weight room. This program is for beginner to intermediate lifting levels and will teach the basics of beneficial warm-ups, how to structure the “Work” phase, and cool downs to help save your joints.

Week One​ will begin with your long term fitness and weight lifting goals. There will also be a time for questions to allow you to ask questions you have about what you have just signed up for. After a short meet and greet and discussion we’ll create our lifting plans complete with benchmarks and self-evaluations.


After forming our plans, we will move to the weight room for a quick tour and demystification of any “mysterious” equipment that may be baffling you. Day one will end with Strength HIIT workout to prove how to fit workouts in no matter how much time you have on your workout day.

Week Two​ will focus on the bench press. We will go through a proper warm up for an upper body workout that incorporates body weight and bands. The major lift of focus will be the barbell bench press and we will use dumbbells and machines to do accessory work and also for modifications.


In addition to learning the lifts, we will go over how to properly spot your fellow lifters when they are benching. When learning spotting, we will focus on safety for both YOU and the LIFTER. A great skill whether you are training with another strong lady, a significant other or best male friend.


Week Three​ we will go through the basics of the squat, again beginning with a proper warm-up. The squat, arguably the most dynamic of all three major lifts and also a great way to hurt yourself if you are not adhering to proper form. So, we will address free weight vs a smith machine form, how to set up a squat rack, and the basics of spotting a squat safely (or when not too).

After our main lift, we will cover accessory work for the squat using dumbbells, machines and body weight. Modifications will be provided, along with options to add calisthenics to the work out for intermediate lifters.


Week Four​ we will break down the deadlift. This is my favorite of all the primary powerlifting lifts and, when done properly, can help strengthen the back side of the body (posterior chain). Again, we will warm up, and then step on to the platform and learn proper form and weight progression for the lift. Afterwards, we will use dumbbells and machines to go through accessory work.


Week Five​ will be a pick your poison workout. I will have one of three workouts for you to choose from (bench, squat, deadlift). I will rotate between groups of lifters and let you practice your skills and confidence in the weight room semi-autonomously for the first 45 to 50 minutes of our time together. Afterwards we will meet together for one last Q&A session.


There will be packets to help guide your way through this five weeks and after, compete with suggested workouts to help keep you on the right track.


So, join me Friday nights for 5 weeks at the only “bar” in town that will keep you healthy, strong, and confident.


If you are interested in this amazing program, sign up at the front desk or contact Jamie at!