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The Power of Protein

By March 5, 2019Supplements

As most of you may know by now we started selling supplements at the club and if you haven’t noticed maybe you should look into our multivitamins (they help eyesight)! I wanted to take the time to go more in depth with one supplement that being protein powder. I can’t explain enough how important this supplement is not only for the health benefits but also how convenient it is for everyday use.

First off, protein is an important component in every cell in the body and is used to build and repair tissue. Now why is that important? Well working out is literally tearing your muscles down and protein helps repair them to build them back up making them bigger and stronger! On the other hand, people looking to lose weight should also lean on protein for a helping hand; high protein diet will increase metabolism helping burn more calories and reduce appetite producing the feeling of being fuller longer!

Another big question I hear is “why not just eat real food instead?” Don’t get me wrong, I am not telling you to do all protein shakes, but they do have both a time and place in a healthy diet. One scoop of protein powder is roughly 25 grams of protein that’s the same as 3oz of chicken, 3.3oz of ground beef or 4.4 oz of salmon! Not everyone has the time to cook and eat a meal after a workout so throw in a scoop of protein in a blender bottle, shake it up, and you have the perfect post workout nutrition: quick absorbing protein powder! A protein shake can be used anytime during your day for a quick nutritious snack or even blended with other things such as fruit for a delicious smoothie!

Now what is the one thing that could make this even more convenient? The fact that you can buy it at your local gym! We offer various brands such as Optimum Nutrition in 5lb and 2lb containers and Dymatize in 4lb containers. The flavors vary from milk chocolate and vanilla to birthday cake and mocha cappuccino. If you have any other questions please stop by my office or Kelly Kissell’s and let us help you get the most out of your workout!