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We’ll keep the fire going!

Lounge | Courts Plus

Last week we had record low temperatures, this week it’s a wind chill advisory and blizzards, but through all of this have you noticed something? Courts Plus is seemingly always open! Not only that, but we’re there to meet you with a friendly smile, and warm greeting. The only thing that could make it better is if we handed you a cup of hot chocolate when you came in the door. How about coffee and tea?; that’s always free at Courts Plus. Take a load off before, or after you work out, in our comfortable fireside lobby. Are you feeling warmer yet?

You may wonder why we stay open when almost everyone else closes? Well it’s because of you. We know how much you appreciate us being open, and how you’ve come to rely on us to be there when there’s no-where else to work out. Now don’t get us wrong, if the city pulled the plows or they advised that people should stay off the streets we wouldn’t want to put our great staff at risk. But, whenever possible, we will be open and provide as much as we can on these ‘snow’ days. We have a dedicated group of staff, both full-time and part-time, who want to stay open for you. We take pride in this, and we want you to be proud of your club too.

So if you’re able to, and feel safe being out and about, come pay us a visit. Bring your friends and family, use a guest pass, have some coffee, take a load off by the fire, play some tennis, I could go on and on. Above all, stay warm, be safe and happy, you are important to us.