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Tennis anyone?

By July 8, 2019Tennis

We’re in the midst of tournament time for tennis this summer! Thank you to everyone who helped make the $5000 Red River such a huge hit! Players, workers and fans. In addition to some of our top local players we also had players from Grand Forks, Bismarck, Mandan, Minneapolis and Winnipeg. Also a huge thank you to our sponsors, Chris Hawley Architects and Miguel Danielson Legal. We had many local winners including none other than our very own tennis pro, Jason Thiner, who retained his 45’s singles title!

A cherished time for all tennis players is the summer. These warm months let people get outside and enjoy the weather and hopefully improve their game. Whether your a tennis addict, seasonal player, or just looking to get back into tennis, tournaments are a great way to enjoy the game and play outside. Tournaments also present an opportunity to play against other players from outside the Fargo area that come to play in our tournaments. In the coming weeks there are still multiple opportunities to get out and play; for junior players there is the Courts Plus Moorhead Junior Open (July 19-21) and for adults there is The Courts Plus Adult Championships (July 26-28). So if you are looking for an opportunity to compete this summer hopefully you’ll join us, just make sure to bring sunscreen!