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    How long have you been a member at Courts Plus?

    What made you want to become a member of Courts Plus?

    What do you like best about Courts Plus?

    What is your favorite amenity at Courts Plus? (i.e. childcare, group exercise, tennis, tanning)

    What is the biggest problem(s) at Courts Plus?

    How significant are those problem(s)?
    not veryannoyingserious

    In your opinion, what causes those problems?

    What improvements would you like to see at Courts Plus?

    How would you describe the customer service at Courts Plus?

    How would you describe your overall experience at Courts Plus?

    How often do you attend group exercise classes at Courts Plus?

    How often do you use the cardio and/or weight room at Courts Plus?

    How often do you come to Courts Plus for any type of workout, event or session?


    What is the first gym that comes to mind when you think of gyms in Fargo?

    Have you ever used the Courts Plus club/facility?

    Have you ever attended a community event hosted by Courts Plus?

    Are you a member at another area gym/club? If so, which one?

    What is your favorite part about the gym you belong to?

    How many/which gyms have you used or joined in the Fargo area?

    Would you consider becoming a member at Courts Plus?

    If no, why not?

    What is/would be the biggest factor you consider before joining a gym?

    What do you look for when selecting a gym for yourself or your family?

    Are you aware of the amenities that Courts Plus offers? Can you name them?

    Do you recall seeing any advertisements for Courts Plus in the last 12 months?

    If so, where?

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